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Ziasia DÀshai
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The Basics
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Race Human
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Ziasia is extremely short for a human, measuring in at about 5'1" and 110 pounds soaking wet. Because of her small appearance, she has to make up for it in speed and stealth to be successful at what she does. She has a curvy appearance but is still lean due to years of rigorous training. 

When her face isn't hidden by a hood or helmet, Ziasia is shown to have bright green eyes and vibrant red hair that is bone straight with a fringe of thick bangs shielding her forehead. She is pale but comely, easily noted when her face is viewable. 


Ziasia is a enigmatic woman conflicted by internal turmoil and emotions. Ziasia, while good-hearted, often tends to show these efforts through darker acts and/or expressions. She is extremely jaded, having a certain outlook on life that cannot be shaken due to her past. She also has her own peculiar set of morals, with their own special meanings, that she rules her life by.

Ziasia believes in the "underdog," fighting for those that cannot fight for themselves, supporting the common citizen's rights and stopping the corrupt and powerful under any circumstance required. The more corrupt an enemy is, the more Ziasia believes that "the ends justify the means."

Because of her background, Ziasia is extremely slow to trust. As a protective measure, Ziasia often has a loner mentality around new people until she understands their motives. Many people interpret this aloof attitude as uncaring and cold, however Ziasia is known to be quite affectionate and kind to those she's learned to trust.

Character BackgroundEdit


Ziasia works for the Order of Whispers, bearing the rank of Lightbringer. She also works for the Aekhart Trade Union (Ashenfold Cartel) as a Tracker/Militia Solider for the Spear sect. Ziasia moonlights as Osi's personal bodyguard (a local brewer) and works under Borskk as a solider for the Steel Arrows Mercenary Company. She also has known affiliations with the vigilante group, Fairwinds Syndicate, though this information is harder to gather.


Ziasia uses all her combat arts to her best ability to complete assignments handled to her. She is a caravan guard for the Steel Arrows, is a personal bodyguard for her employer Osi, is a bounty hunter and undercover agent for the Union and the Fairwinds Syndicate as needed. While Ziasia is actively trying to stay on the right side of the law currently, often times it doesn't go that way. 


Ziasia is an orphan, left alone in early childhood after her mother died of pnemonia.

Early LifeEdit

Ziasia was the product of a tavern wench's favors with a male suitor in the Salma District. Because of this relationship, Ziasia's mother was shunned and generally ostracized. Ziasia grew up poor but loved her mother dearly and between the two of them they made ends meet and were relatively happy. It wasn't until her 6th birthday that her mother began to experience unusual headaches and malaise. Ziasia was too young to interpret the tell tale signs of danger and eventually became an orphan as her mother fell very ill suddenly and died quickly.

Treated like a second daughter by the tavern owner and his wife where her mother was employed, Ziasia was taken in and had a relatively normal life afterwards for a few years. As she bloomed into young adulthood, a famous patron of the tavern began to notice her talent for subterfuge. Ziasia was able to easily charm more coin out of the patrons that abused her foster family's generosity and she was also adept at sneaking in and out of secretive meetings held by famous noble households that used the tavern as a cover. Mister M was one of the "Joe's" Ziasia had originally decided was abusing her foster family and eventually trapped her into his schemes to protect him. At that time, Ziasia was too young to understand the game she was playing. This man eventually succeeded in taking her away from her foster family and training her to become the professional assassin she is today. Mister M is what he is known by on the streets and how Ziasia refers to him. He is a dark and very cunning villain in Ziasia's life. Only a very few people know about Mister M, his true identity, and his impact on Ziasia's life - one being the masked crusader only known as Crimson Vengeance. 

Recent efforts between the masked crusader "Crimson Vengeance" and Ziasia, she has recently been freed from her job status with Maelfic. Spurred to continue her work to free more unfortunates that might suffer her fate, Ziasia remains closely entangled with work that allows her to "right wrongs" and exact revenge on those who would exploit the weak and the innocent.

How Ziasia DÀshai joined the CartelEdit

Ziasia joined the Cartel under the Crown Sect, led by Toxa Vanschiver. Originally, she reported to the Confessor under the trade name "Red Flash." After some re-organizing, she eventually reported to Amarisa Sanata, also known as "Six Silvers." Ziasia and Toxa grew close, the relationship becoming more complex - and not for the better, it seemed. Ziasia also garnered the interest of Osi as an employee for his business, a brewer working under the umbrella of the Court of Rats, taking up a job as is personal body guard. Inspired by some of the "good deeds" she's been able to do both with Osi's brewery and her work with the Fairwinds Syndicate, Ziasia took towards the fashion of learning other fighting styles and weaponry, eventually reaching out to Raam to help her achieve that. During their initial discussion about the training, Ziasia inquired about the Spear sect. While Ziasia was honored to be a Scarlet Agent, it was never a career goal she'd had in mind long term.

While on personal leave to clear up some past issues in her life, Ziasia came to the conclusion that for personal reasons it was best she joined the Spear Sect to be the most beneficial to the Cartel due to her personal feelings for Toxa clouding her judgement about the Crown Sect. She knew that the Rooks was not going to be a proper fit for for her, no matter how much she tried to persuade herself to consider it. Returning to Divinity's Reach and seeking out Toxa in the old offices of The Voice, Ziasia prompted the to move to the "Spear" sect under the Steel Ring legate, Raam Azibo, of which Toxa took a high offense to. Chaining her in his offices and explaining her memory needed to be wiped after a few questions were answered, to protect himself and the Crown, Toxa was abhorrent towards her views and reasoning behind wanting to join the Spear. After a day, the procedure was dropped and Amarisa set her free, albeit with great disdain. Clearly, her leave left her shunned by the Crown.

After being assigned a new Spear Recruit by the Grandmaster, Tyrin, Ziasia had a chance to meet with Raam and seal their agreement with her joining the Spear Sect as a Tracker.

The happenings for how she left the Crown are largely undiscussed by the Union, except for those close to her who already know the story.

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