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Zeraia Reynard
Lady reynard-avatar-wiki
Player Details
Username Langsuyar
Timezone +8 GMT
The Basics
Profession Elementalist
Alias Lady Zeraia Reynard, Lady Reynard
Date of Birth
Gender Female
Race Human
Ethnicity Orrian Descent (With Krytan blood mixed in)
Faith Six Gods
Patron God Kormir
The Crown

Physically short and petite, yet commanding, Zeraia wears the burden of leadership well. She stands tall and confident, often in dark robes lined with silver or gold, her long brown hair meticulously neat and curled down her shoulders. She often wears the trappings of the elementalist openly, like a focus hanging at her side, a magical tome, and she is often seen in public with a long, metal staff. Her eyes are a piercing, pale blue, almost close to white.

Her wire-rimmed spectacles, if she is not already wearing them, would be hanging around her neck; she seems to prefer them off while she is performing her magic. One would notice her preference for Fire and Air magic if they watch her in the middle of battle as well, however rare that would be.


As the head of the Reynard family, Zeraia is proud, ambitious, not above using her charms to get her way, and is very used to getting her way. Despite this, shehas some concept of humility, and knows when to keep her mouth shut and, at least, she will not publicly throw tantrums in the middle of the street. She is stoic most times, not showing much emotion unless she really needs to (or if she needs someone to notice them) and, outwardly, she seems like a decent person. So far, her pride and ambition have not gotten in the way of her decency... not yet, anyway.

Character BackgroundEdit


As one of the nobility of Kryta, she swears fealty to the Krytan crown.


Currently managing mostly the Durant and Sons Textile and Tailoring company; she has sold off the more lucrative of her businesses to fund her recent ventures in Orr. She also finds time to aid the Pact in reclaiming the sunken - and raised - country, in return for their aid in her inscrutable purposes.


House Reynard is her family; her late father, Nathaniel, passed away recently, and her mother, Orina, is in her senile years. Her elder brother, Dorian, disappeared after going off to help in the defence of Ebonhawke, and her youngest siblings, Karliah and Casmir, are under her care. Dorian’s wife, Falina, is a close friend of hers. She has three servants in her main employ; Tala and Kala, two quiet, albino elonian twins, and Renee Williams, a street urchin that she has taken under her wing for an unknown reason.

Recently, Falina has left the main household of House Reynard with Karliah and Casmir, citing irreconcilable differences with Zeraia; if asked, her sister-in-law will say nothing, except that the house they were living in was not suitable for her siblings. She has taken residence in Beetletun.

Early LifeEdit

Lady reynard-midres

Lady Zeraia in one of her evening dresses. (Art by Sriinknorei)

As a young lady groomed to be second in line to the heir, she was always the ambitious one. Her elder brother, Dorian, never really did want to be stuck at home and running the day-to-day operations of the family, instead running out to join the Seraphs the first chance he got. Her father, Lord Nathaniel, always knew that instead of Dorian, Zeraia would be the one to eventually inherit most of the properties they owned. She was sent to learn from the best and brightest, studied Elemental magic, and would eventually learn the inner workings of all of the businesses so that she could take over the family eventually. Soon, her elder brother was married, and many suitors soon came to the young Reynard, but she refused every one of them.

Dorian was soon sent to Ebonhawke as part of a relieving garrison, but after a recent attack by the branded, he was deemed missing in action. Soon after, her father passed away, and the quick succession of losing both her beloved son and husband drove her mother, Orina, to dementia. Suddenly finding herself not only without her parents’ support, but her brother as well, it was surprising to many to see Zeraia transition smoothly into the head of House Reynard. It was then that her true colours showed; she started to expand her holdings, buying out businesses aggressively over time, or edging them out. Before too long, the Cartel took notice of her, and made their move.

After the Cartel seized control of most of House Reynard’s assets, they kept her there, still in control of her own holdings, but under the watchful eye of the Cartel’s agents.

How Zeraia Reynard joined the CartelEdit

While the family may have been able to keep a low profile so far, as soon as the family fell into Zeraia’s hands, she started making sweeping changes, expanding her sphere of influence with the monetary reserve the family has stored up. This has earned the notice – and ire – of certain individuals, and before too long the Cartel itself has heard of House Reynard. It did not take long before the House’s dirty secret was known and leveraged against the young head of the household. To keep House Reynard in good standing with the general public, Zeraia swallowed her pride and allowed the Five Families to absorb her family, essentially giving them control of her house. She still publicly owns it, but all profits, businesses, and House Reynard’s monetary reserves, are now the Cartel’s. She, herself, has decided to join the Cartel wholeheartedly, instead of resisting, for her own inscrutable reasons.

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

OOC Limits

  • Permadeath only on prior OOC consent.
  • Play along with RP Bounty on your head/my own head: Yes
  • Play an antagonist for your character or your plotline: Yes
  • Will play an NPC for your RP plotline: Yes
  • Will submit to all In-character consequences of my RP actions: Yes
  • Real-time RPed capture time: 5 days