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Toxa Vanschiver
Player Details
Username Vanschiver.9270
Timezone Eastern
The Basics
Profession Mesmer
Alias Tox


Date of Birth
Gender Male
Race Human
Ethnicity Krytan
Faith None
Patron God None
The Crown
Allegiance None
Tier Tier 5
Role Master
Physically, Toxa is more able bodied than he looks. His frame is similar to a person that does not engage in much physical activity, or eats very much. He has brown eyes, while both of his parents have blue. Many have noticed the difference in feature between he and his family, but few have made mention of it. He claims to make his appearance unintimidating to throw off would be enemies, but those that truly know him well are aware that he is just lazy. He's been regarded as quite handsome, but far too shy, and at times, distant for him to be able to use appearance to his advantage


Toxa presents himself as a sophisticated and charming young man. At times, and without realizing, he speaks in a bitter tone and is more condescending when meeting people his own age. He’s always respectful of those that are older and more experienced than he. Toxa rarely shows it when he is vulnerable, hiding behind a facade of calm when he is upset. Though, the harsh reality of being unwanted as a child often wears on his psyche. He suffers from abandonment issues and strives to be perfect, so others will want him around. Because of his drive, he appears to be an extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, yet bored young man. Secretly, he's confident in his own abilities and how creative he is compared to those around him. He usually clams up and becomes quiet when his plans don’t end up the way he predicted. While he believes in the importance of religion in the lives of others, Toxa has a hard time believing in anything that he cannot ‘see’ or experience, coming from a Mesmer, these beliefs often get him in trouble with those devoted to a religion. He’s respectful of the beliefs of others, even if he feels they are silly or wrong.

Having lived a sheltered life under his adoptive and protective family, Toxa possesses very strong philosophical beliefs. His beliefs often define both his actions and his motivation for them. He believes the races of Tyria can live in cooperation all of the time, and thinks it is rather shameful that it takes a greater enemy to finally bring a sense of unity. He's become frustrated with the 'forced' alliances being formed just to survive, and doubts it will remain even in these trying times.Toxa has vowed to eliminate anything that would do harm to Tyria or Divinity’s Reach, where he will eventually be head of the Vanschiver noble family.

Toxa believes that the ends justify the means and is more than willing to commit acts that others may perceive as evil if it means bringing down a worse evil in the process.

Character BackgroundEdit

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The Crown


Charity events on behalf of House Vanschiver, duties as Master of The Crown


House Vanschiver

Early LifeEdit

Toxa was orphaned at a young age, and has no real memory of his birth parents other than hearing “we’ll be right back.” Rather than being moved from orphanage to orphanage, and living in uncertainty of where his next meal would come from, Toxa was adopted by Lord Vanschiver, of Divinity’s reach. From there on, he was groomed to be a noble.

He’s followed his father’s expectations of him as closely as he could. Toxa’s family often gives to those less fortunate, and does their best to aid in the betterment of Divinity’s reach. After many failed attempts, their family was unable to have any other children. Though Toxa is not blood related, he will assume the position of the head of the Vanschiver House. This made Lady Vanschiver so protective of Toxa that he did not step outside the gates of their home until he was almost twenty. This has left Toxa unconfident with certain social interactions.

Toxa didn't have many friends growing up, and the few he had, he clung to for dear life. When his childhood friend Serafina was sent away for schooling suddenly, he became bitter with her even though it wasn't her choice. Toxa felt that she had left him alone, which did not help the abandonment issues he already had due to being an orphan. Between that and repeated issues with his mother, Toxa needed something else in his life. Something that could never be taken away. That something would eventually shape the kind of person he would become.

Knowing that Lady Vanschiver was overbearing with her son, Lord Vanschiver offered to give Toxa whatever he wanted in exchange for ‘dealing with it’. Toxa was enamored by illusion, and controlling what others think they knew about him. Though he did not approve of Toxa’s reasoning, his father was a man of his word, and approached an illusionist sought out by many. The only problem was that Emmerich Vanschiver wasn't the only one willing and able to pay a hefty price for the Mesmer's services.

The enigmatic Lord Vale was vying for the Mesmer's services as well. Gold wasn't an issue for either man, which led to a bidding war. The Mesmer had never taken on pupils before, but the amount offered by both lords was staggering. Both children showed much potential, while their sponsors continued to outbid each other. Instead of denying one, the mesmer decided that he would take on both children or neither would be taught.


The bidding lords came to an agreement that the majority of the training would take place at Lord Vale's estate. Lord Vale was a quiet man, to some; he was even considered a recluse. Toxa was instructed to arrive at the estate before sunrise, and that he was not allowed to leave until sun down. This would prevent anyone from knowing that there was even a slight connection between Emmerich Vanschiver and Lord Vale.

It was at Lord Vale's estate where Toxa would first encounter Cedrice Lusande. Before the two were even allowed to greet each other, the intensive learning began. The Master was harsh as the days were long. After the first week had concluded, Toxa wanted to quit and never return. After paying a small fortune forToxa to even be afforded the opportunity, Emmerich denied Toxa's request.

Over time, the apprentices bonded. Realizing that there was no other way to survive, Toxa and Cedrice relied on each other rather than becoming rivals. From the beginning, it became apparent to the illusionist that his pupils were training to be two completely different types of mesmers.

Years later, the child that cried at the beginning of his training was now a young man. While he was far from a master, Toxa certainly considered himself to be above average. Regardless of how much he was scolded, Toxa's major flaw in his training was relying too much on phantasms. Toxa was well aware that no longer having a master didn't mean that his learning was finished.

From there, Toxa used his little combat experience to protect those who couldn't protect themselves from the common bandit and occasional centaur. He was growing quite the reputation among commoners, though no where near as close as Albion. Now was the time for Toxa to become more involved in the many interests of his House.

How Toxa Vanschiver joined the CartelEdit

Toxa only recently found out that his adoptive father and uncle are both loyal to aiding Aekart, though he has no idea who they are, or what they do. His father informed him that he would explain the relationship eventually, but to know that as the only next in line of the Vanschiver family, Toxa would be expected to show his loyalty as well. Toxa's first interaction with the Voice was shortly after the other sects went on to lose their masters in dramatic fashions.

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

OOC Limits

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