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The Tome Edit

"Information is the root of knowledge, knowledge is the root of wisdom, wisdom is the root of power."

They were those most hit hard by the tactics used by the enemies of the Cartel during the Era of Fools, now they adapted to the new Era. Once known as the Lore, the Tome is the Cartel's arcane and magi-technological arm. Focused on innovation and expansion of their ability to analyze threats to the Cartel, drawing on a wide variety of esoteric sources of intelligence.

The Science of Exploration The Tome is, at its heart a collection of the bright, the inquisitive and the fearless. It's academics fathom the greatest heights of invention and it's explorers delve the darkest of the worlds many forgotten places in the name of knowledge. In the field of techno-arcana and 'spelunking' the Tome is unparalleled in it's ability to deploy; swiftly and cohesively, experts as well as expert assistance to potential sites all over Tyria. Weather Tome scholars and adventurers are required smuggle themselves across contested borders, brave exotic and deadly fauna or 'liberate' artifacts from the wrong hands their agents train relentlessly for the task.

The Art of Discovery The Tome is also however a collection of bright, inquisitive and fearless individuals and in the past 'debates' regarding the relative values of discoveries, methodologies or project goals have prevented prompt action being taken with disastrous results. There is at it's heart a fundamental cognitive dissonance, posses the agile mind of the questioner and never cease inquiring into the unknown, and be cautious about going too far too fast without proper preparation and due research. Striking the balance has vexed some of the finest minds in Tyria, but the Tome is no stranger to experimenting, and with each new Legate the Tome adapts, its minds forever standing on the edge of the abyss staring brazenly into the depths.

Rituals within the Tome are considered by others to be generally dusty and filled with rhetoric.

Initiation RitualEdit

Those being initiated into the Tome are located by a Handler and are carefully educated on the Sect's current status. From that point they are properly taught the Entente Tenents and reminded like any student to follow them with Care. Afterwards they are taught the very basics of Ashic and the power brokers of the Cartel along with the purpose of each Sect. Their knowledge is tested at intervals during the ritual and finally they are given a NiM amulet.

Newly recruited Tomes are treated as Students until they pass their first true Sect assignment.

The Old RiddleEdit

Developed from the defunct Rook's Riddle game, the Old Riddle is a puzzle put forth by the Master of the Sect to challenging members. The Riddle can be simple as an actual riddle or the location of a lost artifact. The whole point is for the member in question to test their understanding of the world of Tyria, and their ability to apply that understanding. Once the Riddle is set the member has only a week to accomplish the task before they fail. If they achieve it then they are granted the title of "Riddler".

The Riddle GameEdit

A challenge placed between several contestants, and what many consider to be a way to reprimand a upstart member. The Riddle Game's purpose is simple, through a series of questions the contestants must try to stump each other until the rest given in or figure out what the other is think about. This can be a game of many different subjects and can cover hours of questioning. Gamers who can defeat a Legate for an hour are often entitled "Quick Mind" and are respected for their ability to stump the upper circles of the Tome.