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The Tome Edit

"Information is the root of knowledge, knowledge is the root of wisdom, wisdom is the root of power."

They were those most hit hard by the tactics used by the enemies of the Cartel during the Era of Fools, now they adapted to the new Era. Once known as the Lore, the Tome is the Cartel's arcane and magi-technological arm. Focused on innovation and expansion of their ability to analyze threats to the Cartel, drawing on a wide variety of esoteric sources of intelligence.

The Science of Exploration The Tome is, at its heart a collection of the bright, the inquisitive and the fearless. It's academics fathom the greatest heights of invention and it's explorers delve the darkest of the worlds many forgotten places in the name of knowledge. In the field of techno-arcana and 'spelunking' the Tome is unparalleled in it's ability to deploy; swiftly and cohesively, experts as well as expert assistance to potential sites all over Tyria. Weather Tome scholars and adventurers are required smuggle themselves across contested borders, brave exotic and deadly fauna or 'liberate' artifacts from the wrong hands their agents train relentlessly for the task.

The Art of Discovery The Tome is also however a collection of bright, inquisitive and fearless individuals and in the past 'debates' regarding the relative values of discoveries, methodologies or project goals have prevented prompt action being taken with disastrous results. There is at it's heart a fundamental cognitive dissonance, posses the agile mind of the questioner and never cease inquiring into the unknown, and be cautious about going too far too fast without proper preparation and due research. Striking the balance has vexed some of the finest minds in Tyria, but the Tome is no stranger to experimenting, and with each new Legate the Tome adapts, its minds forever standing on the edge of the abyss staring brazenly into the depths.

Tier 2 RolesEdit

Members of lower status that often act as errand runners for the higher tiered circles of power within the Sect.

Obsidian Circle Tier 2 Roles

Interrogator A member who practices techniques of persuasion, torture and interrogation. They are charged with breaking targets to gain information or to exact punishments upon those given to them. Often they are knowledgeable in technology, chemicals, hypnosis or anatomy to do what they must to serve the Cartel.
Collector A member who joins the frightenly sometimes faceless shock troops of the Obsidian Circle. Trained in various detainment, or disabling techniques, they can be feared for their ability to make people disappear. Collectors are taught to combat problems from the magical to the mundane and how to remove them to safer locations for further study. This skill in retrieval and detainment has been used not only against the magical, but also dissidents who threaten the Cartel.
Apothecary A member who excels in the study of chemical and alchemical creations from potions to poisons. Apothecaries form the base ranks of those who develop narcotics, poisons, or alchemical potions for the Cartel. Their skill in mixing and understanding chemicals is often quite astute and they often use their creations in various ways to serve the greater goals of the Cartel.
Tester  A member who questions the world and more often than not can be quite amoral in scientific study. From freak surgeons to mad scientists, the Tester is interested in conducting biological studies that may include splicing creatures together, vivisection, magical limb enhancement, or overall bio-medical enhancement. They are the Cartels amoral scientists, and those who do things coldly for the advancement of knowledge.

Ivory Circle Tier 2 Roles

Aspirant A member who explores the lands of Tyria and its depths seeking knowledge. Aspirants often choose a set of fields or a particular field of study to use as their background when exploring the nooks and crannies of the world. A mixture of fields researcher, adventurer and teacher, they are charged with expanding the Cartel’s database of information while informing others of what they know.
Shield A member who studies combat, tactics and the various threats before the Cartel. Shields are the sworn disciplined fighters who train to defend against magical threats and to take out their enemies through their knowledge. Acting as the Tomes muscle and defense they often assist other militant members of the Sects as battlefield tacticians and profilers to help turn the odds in favor of the Cartel.
Medic A member who has studied medicine and anatomy, medics may act as field healers, clinical doctors or low-level street healers. Their skill and respect for life is their core attribute in their service to the Cartel. Medics often spend time trying to create new healing tactics and keeping members of the Cartel in the best of health.
Tinker A member who uses technology, industrial or magical to better the Cartel. Their skills often reside in invention and field application, but also simply solving problems that require a mechanical mind. They are often charged with maintaining Cartel technology, improving it and innovating new ideas. They are also sent on missions when the Cartel wishes to retrieve enemy technology that might be better served in their hands rather than that of a Collector or Aspirant.


Tier 3 RolesEdit

Those who have increased their understanding of the Arcane or Knowledge of various fields of study. They have shown their skill and have been appointed to oversee local operations for the Tome.

Obsidian Circle Tier 3 Roles

Inquisitor A member who has risen above the fray and show aptitude in breaking victims and achieving control in the arena of the mind. Inquisitors were once the most feared image a Cartelite could think of before the Shadow. With the coming of the Reformation and the Blackmark Exchange, that image has returned. Roaming the halls of the Tome and the ranks of the Cartel, they seek out moles, enemies and codebreakers. Applying their knowledge of not only technology, but poisons and chemicals. In concert with the Collectors they also plant sleepers into enemy ranks.
Curator A member who has set themselves above other Collectors and has taken charge in Cartel abduction teams and detainment. Curators often keep vast vaults of their “collections” and are quite knowledgeable in what is part of their vaults. They are often skilled in fighting various magical threats and quelling them through non-lethal means. Curators are often charged with working in concert with Inquisitors in dealing with internal threats, and Templar in fighting magical threats.
Alchemist A member who has proven studious in the study of alchemy and chemicals, they have come to denote themselves for their expertise in such subjects as: poisons, potions and alchemical concoctions. Alchemists uses these creations in field missions and or to assist others. Being either to heal or even to harm, they usually don’t care which way their creations are used as long as they get fame for it.
Examiner A member who is skilled in in experimentation and innovation. Unlike the the Gadgeteer the Examiner finds interest in pushing the envelope and melding technology with the body. This can be creating new weaponized minions, golems, technological enhancements, or a new weapon that may be slightly more about being painful than killing. Examiners are often charged with working in concert with Alchemist and Inquisitors when dealing with planting sleeper agents in the field.

Ivory Circle Tier 3 Roles

Sage A member who has explored, delved and come to understand many things about the world around them. Sages have developed a personal repertoire of subjects that they teach and are driven to discover more. Not common bookworks, Sages are a mixture of dungeon explorer and scholar. They are not afraid to defend themselves or take on dangerous assignments and may work with Templars in dealing with a possible problem.
Templar A member who has broadened their understanding in combatting magical threats and understanding advanced battlefield tactics. Templar are often the first line of defense against threats to the Tome and lead the defenses along with Shields in protecting Tome compounds. Their skill in tactics leads them to be employed with the other Sects as consultants in war and sometimes even diplomacy.
Doctor A member who has shown increased understanding and aptitude for healing and diagnoses. Doctors in the Cartel serve not only as clinicians, healers and diagonsticians, but also those who seek to increase medical knowledge overall. Doctors often use Cartel resources to search for cures for poisons, disease and magical ailments. They will even go into the field and heal others while attending those who many suffer from mental defects in addition to the physical.
Gadgeteer A member who excels in innovation and invention alone and leading teams for Cartel projects. Gadgeteers have risen above the mundane of the Tinker have to create signature designs or combat techniques using their technology. They are often charged with not only inventing new designs, but improving the greater technology of the Cartel itself. Like the Aspirant they will often travel into enemy camps and steal Technology to benefit the Cartel. In other cases they will lead the charge in advancing technology for the betterment of all, especially the Cartel.


Tier 4 RolesEdit

Those who have risen to the rank of Legate and have come to lead their Chosen circle or Allegiance.

Obsidian Circle Tier 4 Roles

High Inquisitor A member who has risen to the rank of Legate and has come to lead the Allegiance, but also the Tome’s Inquisition. They are the leaders of pogroms against moles and can be considered one of the most feared individuals in the Cartel for their ability to worm words out of their victims. The High Inquisitor often oversees punishment when called upon and oversees the creation of new technology and drugs in the creation of sleeper agents alongside the Curators and Collectors. They are charged with giving assignments to members of the Inquisition and also leading any investigations alongside the Arbiter (primary Cartel agent of Punishment and Investigation).
Conservator A member who has unparalleled understanding of the Vaults of the Tome and the growing collections of their agents. The Conservator, when rising to Legate, leads a much more physically brutal regime than either most Obsidian Circle leaders. Conservators often take a dark and even cynical look to their leadership, creating abduction squads and carefully organized detainment teams to tackle creatures and persons of interest. In concert with the Spear, the Conservator heads detainment and, removal of breakers of the code.
Thaumaturge A member with vast knowledge of the alchemical trade and production arts within Tyria. The Thaumaturge when reigning as Legate acts as the master of poisons, the master of mind changing creations, and as a leader in drug progression. As the drug lord of the Cartel the Thaumaturge often works in concert with the Legates of the Jade Ring and the Court of Rooks. In a triad of criminality the Thaumaturge also oversees the work of the Alchemists and the Apothecaries in the production of new poisons, drugs and alchemical concoctions. They are the ones charged with maintaining trade with the species that provide their ingredients and making sure that things are produced on time.
Alterologist A member of the Testers who has risen high enough within the Cartel to be named Legate, the Alterologist is the darker mirror of the Technologist. They are seen as the leaders in innovation in enhancement, biological science and technological alteration. To the Alterologist morals are only an obstacle to increased scientific knowledge and advancement. Within their department the Alterologist assigns ongoing tasks, operations and missions to Examiners and Testers while working in tandem with the Inquisition in creating new items for interrogation. They also provide enhancements to others in their missions to the Cartel.

Ivory Circle Tier 4 Roles

High Sage A member who has become a power within the Cartel known for their knowledge and ability in leading missions. For this reason they have risen to the rank of Legate. The High Sage often assigns missions and in cases leads the more dangerous ones personally. As the the Sages, and Aspirants a High Sage is expected to document, keep and constantly refresh their understanding of the works of Tyria. It is their charge to update the Cartel’s information databases and work with the master in improving information exchange within the Cartel
Crusader A member who has risen to become Legate of their Allegiance and the leader of the Tomes defense against threats of a magical or martial kind. The Crusader is trained in understanding not only the battlefield, but also diplomacy and how to end situations without force if necessary. Their primary goal is to give assignments and orders to Templar and Shields of the Tome as a basis for dealing with magical threats and advising others in the Cartel on the ways of war and combat. The Crusader often works in concert with Sages in efforts to plumb the mysteries of the magic and wonders of Tyria.
Chirugeon A member who has become the Chief Medical officer for the Cartel and the primary diagnostician for Cartel operations. The Chirugeon is skilled in various areas of medical knowledge and is often ask to put them to use in healing sick members of the Cartel or running clinics for outsiders. They are the ones who assign Doctors and Medics to medical operations and oversee the foundation of Cartel efforts to cure diseases, poisons and ailments. As a Legate they are often charged with seeking advancement in Cartel medical knowledge and how to apply it in bettering the Cartel.
Technologist A member who has shown their knowledge of technology and has gained the rank of Legate for their unrelenting desire in innovation. The Technologist is the light mirror to the Alterologist and holds morals in technology to be a primary drive in their desire for discovery. As a Legate the Technologist assigns and leads projects for the Cartel in inventing new weapons, new gadgets and devices for the Cartel. They see the usage of technology as a betterment to the Cartel and as a means to accelerate the Cartel’s presence as a producer of advanced goods.


Master of the TomeEdit

The Master of Lore in ages past was charged as the silent ruler of the now defunct sect the Tome claims ancestry from. In the modern Era, the Tome Master is charged with leading their Sect with clarity and understanding. No longer can a Master of Tomes pit their wayward ideologues against each other like in ages past. The Master of the Tome rules through careful guile and listens to their Legates, because without full support of both circles they lack any power.