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The Spear Edit

"Through military might, industry and skill we shall prevail!"

The Spear was born out of the entwined hatred once held between the Hunt and Blade Sects. Forged into a new faction within the Cartel, the Spear exudes independence while still seeking strength in regimented industry. Within the Cartel, they are the military fist, the enforcers of Cartel Law, and the producers of Cartel weapons. They are contractors, adventurers, and thieves who scour Tyria to build legends while their smiths work to perfect weaponry as an art.

Strengths Spears excel in martial prowess and industrial innovation. They are not necessarily academics or gifted with a silver tongue as they focus on action, rather than words. As a Sect, the Spear provides the key Cartel dominion of defense and enforcement, while also acting as the Cartel's main producing Arm. Along with Contractor work, they provide massive income for the Cartel over all.

Weakness The Spear, because of its tumultuous past, still sees open disagreement within its own ranks from time to time. The disciplined, yet freedom loving natures of the Sect cause it to sometimes come to blows. Their love of industry and contractor work has also led to them being one of the least diplomatic of the three Sects.

Culture of The SpearEdit

Life for a Spear is neither simple nor is it complicated. From the Blade comes a sense of duty and honor that must be upheld. While the freedom loving skillful heritage of the Hunt is evident in the more independent nature of Sect.

The LitanyEdit

When a member joins the Spear, they are told the Litany, a simple recitation of the Spear's purposes and focus within the Cartel.

"We are the shield against the bane that would trap our comrades, we are the skilled sellswords on the path before us. Pirate or Privateer, we are those marked with ability and skill, and not by blood!"


At the core of marking one's prowess or ability is the idea of Trophy. Taken from the historical Hunt Sect, the Trophy has evolved to come mean much more than items taken from a kill. In the Spear, the Trophy is a weapon battered in battle, or a piece of armor made with great care. No matter what the item or items are, ones skill and how it is applied in disciplined focus is what marks a high ranking Spear.


Members of the Spear prefer to display their trophies as a means of simple mark of identity. Wearing the color of blue is also a common identifier as darker shades often mark those of higher rank. For the Spear, the simple adornment armor or weapons is enough to mark one's identity.