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The Spear Edit

"Through military might, industry and skill we shall prevail!"

The Spear was born out of the entwined hatred once held between the Hunt and Blade Sects. Forged into a new faction within the Cartel, the Spear exudes independence while still seeking strength in regimented industry. Within the Cartel, they are the military fist, the enforcers of Cartel Law, and the producers of Cartel weapons. They are contractors, adventurers, and thieves who scour Tyria to build legends while their smiths work to perfect weaponry as an art.

Strengths Spears excel in martial prowess and industrial innovation. They are not necessarily academics or gifted with a silver tongue as they focus on action, rather than words. As a Sect, the Spear provides the key Cartel dominion of defense and enforcement, while also acting as the Cartel's main producing Arm. Along with Contractor work, they provide massive income for the Cartel over all.

Weakness The Spear, because of its tumultuous past, still sees open disagreement within its own ranks from time to time. The disciplined, yet freedom loving natures of the Sect cause it to sometimes come to blows. Their love of industry and contractor work has also led to them being one of the least diplomatic of the three Sects.

Allegiances in the Spear follow the Entente Tenets with careful ferocity and independent consideration.

The Steel RingEdit

"Honor in skill, duty in freedom."

The Steel Ring is the bastard child of the former Svartholm, Battalion and Armory allegiances of the Blade and Hunt Sects. From what some consider an unholy union was born a strange entanglement of discipline and free minded tenacity. Hearkening back to the Sons of Rin and the Amber Guides of old (historical Sects that would become the Blade and Hunt) the new Allegiance Focus and goals for the Steel Ring sees them hoping to master land, waves, and all in between. With industrialist design and their newly ordained contract to enforce the Code and Tenets of Entente, the Steel Ring takes on all comers.


Who would know that the regimented ranks of the Blade would so easily meld with the more independent minded contractors of the Hunt. Born from this interaction is a open minded and martial based Allegiance where not only skill, but the ability to fight with comrades has become the primary basis of honor. Trophies are still taken with abandon, but they are done so in a more particular and selective manner.

Members of the Steel Ring call themselves Steeled in an almost joking regard to their cousins in the Jade Ring.


Some Steeled dislike to wear the Sect Colors where as others wear the Spear's Blue proudly! Those that do so are often the enforcers of the Entente Tenets and chose to do so in a manner of marking themselves openly to all codebreakers.


The Steel Ring conducts itself careful planning and discipline when making a business deal. It however is not above a drunken brawl now and then, but their is a sense of calm when signing and agreement. Most Cartel operations if defended are often done so by the Steel Ring as they are the Cartel's frontline of Defense against the oncoming Bane.

The Jade RingEdit

"The Triads of old shall rise again."

They were once the Jade Ring Triad and then they were the Jade Ring within the Hunt. Out of all the Allegiance they are the only one still standing bearing their old title and purpose. However, with change and survival does come evolution. Once the Jade Ring was a dark and lonesome Sect bound to speak to barely anyone outside itself, now it serves dutifully as the underhand of the Spear. From this change in behavior came a new concept of free thinking and a desire to shirk the laws and let people live as they wish. In effect the Jade has gone from a band of thieves to a simple band of outlaws seeking to make their mark on life within the Cartel.


Life for the Jade Ring can be described in three sayings, "Harsh, but free". They were once the shadowy thieves and pirates that dwelt in Lion's Arch and after the Reformation they have arisen as the soul that once embraced the feral love of skill that dwelt within the Hunt. Though they break the Law, the Jaded (as they call themselves) still respect those that can get job done even if it involves being a valiant knight. This way of thinking may put them at odds with the rest of the criminal underworld, but it is this bond that places them firmly at the side of their compatriots within the Steel Ring.


Jaded mark their identity by simply wearing blue on a small part of their bodies. Some wear it openly, but in most cases they prefer to wear small pieces of jade on a string around their neck. This simplicity is born from their thieving heritage and this nature has still lent itself to their general culture.


Business for the Jade Ring sees itself based primarily in various operations of the illegal kind. This can be running a smuggling operation or simply fencing stolen items to the local pawn shop. In this regard the Jade Ring often at times works with the Court of Rats (Crown Allegiance) to help maintain order when dealing with fellow criminals. Much of the business conducted by the Ring is done in Lion's Arch, with several smaller operations being managed in cities throughout Tyria.