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The Satsui
Society Dossier
Founder The Confessor, The Stitcher, The Broken Spear
Founded 1325 AE
Current Leaders The Confessor, The Stitcher
Official Color Blue, Silver
The Satsui Standing
Allies None
Foes None
Addiction is the powerful motivator.
- The Confessor

The Satsui are those that covet power and those willing to use it. Creative and liberated minds are welcome, especially those possessing curiosity and willingness to dabble in dark and forbidden magic and applied sciences. These individuals also possess the mental and physical fortitude to fight for what they know is theirs by right of strength.

Chemists, alchemists, thugs, enforces, dark sorcerers, brawn-with-brains are ideal candidates for the Court of Broken Mirrors. Anyone willing to get their hands dirty and assert their right to rule by force of will and ability.

A History of The Satsui Edit

Two years ago, a manifesto was written dedicated to the concept of controlled evil: Through chaos and uncertainty the world would atrophy, but without evil, the world would also stagnate. From this manifesto was penned the secondary thoughts of another unknown author. These radical thoughts formed the basis for several Cartel-backed gangs in the cities of Divinity’s Reach and Lion’s Arch.

It was after the beginning of the Era of Reformation that a bloody massacre would lead to the foundation of the Satsui, or the Court of Broken Mirrors. Created by three unlikely individuals, the Court would come to form a new criminal faction within the Ashenfold. A group based on the ideals that only the strong, the conniving and the clever should rule--that laws of the racial governments should hold no sway on the Ashenfold Cartel.

Under the discrete betrayal of the Knazhirim Elders, The Stitcher, The Confessor and The Broken Spear, the founders of the Court, raided the Dragon Cults’ Grand Conclave. In the resulting massacre the Cults were broken and their sacred treasures seized to bankroll the new Society. From this bloody event was born the Court of Broken Mirrors--The Satsui.

Those of the Knazhirim were given two options--join the reformation, or die with their defeated Cults.

Power StructureEdit

The power structure of the Court of Broken Mirrors is very basic. At the top sit The Stitcher and The Confessor with domain over their respective Courts. Both make joint decisions for the good of the Satsui, but do not interfere with the inner workings of the opposite Courts.

The Confessor and The Stitcher each have one trusted, right-hand Lieutenant and each Lieutenant oversees mid-level enforcers which overlook the bottom tier members.

The Confessor Hand of The Confessor Fury of Ran Adept of Ran

The Stitcher Hand of The Stitcher Mirror Warden (Mirau Oden) Glass Runner (Garasuran)

Culture and PracticesEdit


The Snowfire Syndicate A gang dedicated to the spread of illegal Narcotics throughout the Cartel and all of Tyria. In short, they are a black market organization with roots deep into the criminal underworld of Tyria. They make their home in the streets, alleyways, and docks of Lion's Arch. Thanks to this, The Snowfire Syndicate hold members from all major races and all walks of life, giving them a vast network of connections inside the capital cities in which they do business.

A network this big only succeeds based on a foundation of respect and honor for one another and their superiors. This is an ideology held up to the highest degree. Any signs shown against it is quickly, and efficiently, taken care of in the most creative and horrible methods that members of the Court of Broken mirrors can conceive. Those that remain after a culling are often the strongest, and most readily able to mold, change, and act as the Satsui see fit.

Those that make up the Snowfire Syndicate come from many different backgrounds. This gives them the advantage of diversity, but a distinct lack of cultural unity. Despite the vast differences there is but one end goal in mind: The complete and total takeover of the criminal world of Tyria through any means necessary; power through any means necessary.

Blood of Orchids With a split--yet harmonized--mode of operation with one end-goal in mind: power and control though higher understanding and information. With a reformed and religious-like fervor comprised of former Knazhirim and those seeking tangible power, the Blood of Orchids have set their sights on exploiting The Mists to back their lust for power and strength.

The Blood of Orchids is composed of scholars with darker outlooks, alchemists, and dark and forbidden magic dabblers. Highly ritualized, the Blood of Orchids are marked by heavy exploration into experimental torture on their own bodies and on the bodies left in the wake of ensuring their own survival. Hedonism, exploration, exploitation, curiosity and a thirst for greater understanding is greatly encouraged.

The second component of the Blood of Orchids revolves around information gathering and recording. The Confessor insists that the power that the Satsui covets and the respect that they demand is only ensured by knowing where to direct their efforts. Awakened minds of scholars, spymasters and the seductively deceptive play an important role in maintaining the political power of the Court of Broken mirrors as a whole. The Blood of Orchids may direct the dagger of the Court, but the Snowfire Syndicates are the ones to strike with the blade.

Highly secretive to the uninitiated and outsiders, the Blood of Orchids are loyal only to their own, putting up a figurative veil of illusion of loyalty to others. They often infiltrate various organizations, perhaps even other Societies, under the guise of this false-loyalty. They will do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of their Society and it’s rightful place at the top.

Rules and TraditionsEdit

Honor and Respect are key notions within the Court of Broken Mirrors. Despite the sometimes underhanded methods and less-than-honest dealings which directly conflict with the traditional sense of honor and respect, these traits are earned through the power which one wields within the Society. To command power is to command respect--they are one and the same for all that would call themselves Satsui. And those that command respect are to be honored above all else.

The Agenda of The SatsuiEdit

The Stitch and The Confessor, two highly unlikely allies, have joined their efforts into a single project. The Confessor has tasked her chemists and alchemists with creating various narcotics that enhance the power of perception and the innate magical abilities of her followers. The purest of these formulas is saved for the Blood of Orchids, while the distilled and less potent product is pushed across Tyria through the Snowfire Syndicate at great profit. These profits are then bankrolled back into the production of narcotics and other projects of the Satsui.

Members of the Court of Broken Mirrors enjoy a lavish and expensive lifestyle due to the profits made at the expense of the addicted. Purposely addicting high-level targets is also an additional means of control. The Satsui are the exclusive formula owner of the highly-addictive drug known as Salamin.

Businesses and BackingsEdit

Connections to the Night Leopard Venture and Farusha House.

Joining The SatsuiEdit

Members of the Satsui are hand-picked by The Stitcher and The Confessor, targeted for their potential value to the cause. Those that have been approached are given a task to complete. The task is never exactly the same.