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The Crown Edit

"Power and Profit, with our tenacity we shall defeat any foe!"

They were born from the old noble families of the Ashenfold and from the union of the now dead Coin and Voice Sects. From this varied past was created the Crown, a Sect intent on gaining power and profit for the Cartel with whatever means they deem necessary. Filled with Merchants, Nobles, and Diplomats alike, the Crown serves as the Social arm of the Cartel in all things.

Strengths The Crown has connections across Tyria and various pockets into which it can delve into to get things done. Their social acumen and the backing of a variety of merchants provides the Crown influence and wealth that are only dreamed of by the Tome and Spear. The Crown leverages its resources in a variety of ways, excelling in entertainment and propaganda. It is Crown agents who cover up the messes left behind by the other Sects and who often negotiate bail for those in trouble with the Authorities.

Weakness The twin courts of the Crown, with their mixture of diplomacy and business, have at times caused friction with other Sects. The pervasive atmosphere of influence-brokering and power-gaming has placed the Sect in precarious, if not dangerous, positions in the past. Due to their shifting alliances outside of the Cartel, few are sure to trust members of the Crown.

Rituals for the Crown are often considered somewhat esoteric and strange by others.


Ritual When a new Crown is recruited they are cornered by a handler and carefully asked to sit down one on one. In that instance they are informed about their options and are taught the Entente Tenets. Once they agree to abide them they are told what the Crown is and who its power brokers are. Then the recruit is given a NiM amulet and is informed of the other Sects and their respect leaders. Finally, they are told of the consequences they face if any of this is reveal and are told who to report to.

Newly ordained Crowns are seen as weak chains till they prove themselves in their first endeavor.

The Under WalkEdit

A game taken from the Coin and melded with the old Voice Patron Game, the Under Walk is a simple challenge. A member must go before an Official and declare their intent to cajole an item from a target. The richer or more difficult the target, the higher the worth of the item taken. The Official will then give them a maximum of three days to accomplish the task. Those who accomplish it within a day are often given a chance to do it again. Those who fail are told they cannot try for another week. People who complete the Under-Walk three times and take an item of high worth (as judged by a Legate) earn the title "Under-Walker".

The Name TrialEdit

A challenge in memory and to test one's ability to pay attention, the Name Trial is a simple yet effective way to mark the weaker members of the Crown.  During an event, a member is asked to walk among the various participants and find as many names as possible.  The more names one can remember, as well as the more influential the name, the more honor the contestant gains.  At the end of the event, the one who can identify the major power players and remember what they do is marked as champion.  Those who can identify the most names overall is considered runner-up.  Those winning the trial five times are given the title "Great Gamer".