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The Crown Edit

"Power and Profit, with our tenacity we shall defeat any foe!"

They were born from the old noble families of the Ashenfold and from the union of the now dead Coin and Voice Sects. From this varied past was created the Crown, a Sect intent on gaining power and profit for the Cartel with whatever means they deem necessary. Filled with Merchants, Nobles, and Diplomats alike, the Crown serves as the Social arm of the Cartel in all things.

Strengths The Crown has connections across Tyria and various pockets into which it can delve into to get things done. Their social acumen and the backing of a variety of merchants provides the Crown influence and wealth that are only dreamed of by the Tome and Spear. The Crown leverages its resources in a variety of ways, excelling in entertainment and propaganda. It is Crown agents who cover up the messes left behind by the other Sects and who often negotiate bail for those in trouble with the Authorities.

Weakness The twin courts of the Crown, with their mixture of diplomacy and business, have at times caused friction with other Sects. The pervasive atmosphere of influence-brokering and power-gaming has placed the Sect in precarious, if not dangerous, positions in the past. Due to their shifting alliances outside of the Cartel, few are sure to trust members of the Crown.

Tier 2 RolesEdit

Members have yet come to understand the game of politics and profit. They are often still climbing the social ladder or seeking investors in their desired venture.

Court of Rats Tier 2 Roles

Scarlet Agent

A member who is trained in undercover infiltration, assassination, and planting information. Scarlet Agents represent the silent aspect of Cartel cover-up and cleaner work. When a Hitter runs a death squad, the Scarlet Agent walks in the shadows to provide silent back up. Agents are skillful in reading people and playing multiple parts and creating identities to benefit the Cartel. Out in the field the Scarlet Agent often works in tandem with Trackers to locate possible targets and then brings in people to replace in enemy ranks to be broken by Acolytes.


A member who is hired for their general ability for acting as hired muscle and enforcement for the Crown. Thugs are often skilled in causing mayhem, breaking things and intimidating people. They often work not only as muscle, but as debt collectors and even sometimes rabble rousers when necessary. Thugs come from many different walks of life and for that reason they can hold various positions in social hierarchy, but with a general sense of brutal force and lack of morals around them. Even as a noble or a charr warrior, thugs are criminals deep down inside. Within the Cartel thugs serve as rabble rousers, urban gang muscle, and general muscles for criminal activities.

Hooligan A member who deals in illegal goods from narcotics to living breathing slaves

Hooligans are often employed as fences, drug dealers, weapon dealers or even gun runners. If the Jade Ring Smuggles or someone else does, its a Hooligan that buys and sells it. Hooligans in general are often not only trained in appraising and how to haggle, they are in general skill tradesmen who are willing to do whatever it takes to make a sale. Hooligans are the black market and the pushers of the Cartel, and are often the ones brought in along with Thugs to back deals when they need to move forward. When it comes to their chosen background (slaver, drug dealer, fence etc) they are often skilled and are more than learning on how to improve to increase profit.

Trickster A member who acts as the illegal planner, and mind behind the operations of the crown. Tricksters are swindlers, loan sharks and gambling den bookies who work the power of money and human feelings. Where as a Hooligan breaks a slave, or a addict with their ability to read, the Swindler is able to pull profit out of normal folks. The power of the Tricker is within social engineering and simply reading people. With sleight of hand and quick thinking they game the world and through it make profit for the Cartel.


Court of Rooks Tier 2 Roles

Trader A member who deals in raw materials, goods, services and all sorts of tradable items. Traders are the Cartel’s lifeblood in selling the goods moved by Outriders and produced by members of the Tome. In concert with the other Sects the Traders form an effective backbone of financial gain and investment. They also lend money and run Cartel linked businesses. Their work primary sees them building connections externally and internally. The Trader is the Cartel’s front man, legal businessmen, and often the primary investor in Cartel interests.
Valiant A member who possess varying skills and applies them in helping other people. They are the more common man to the deduction and law enthused Investigator. They members of the Adamantine Guard, the Wyld Hunt, the Vigil or other factions seeking to help or bring order to the world around them. They might run a charity or bash the head in on a monster trying to harm others. Their actions are used by the Cartel to improve its image and they are often used as muscle to defend Crown operations in operations of good faith.
Envoy A member who represents a group (house, warband, family, clan, etc) who act as the Cartel’s arm in the political arena. Envoy’s are often members with pull and are charged with building their connections on the outside to provide favors for the Cartel. Envoys are commonly versed in the laws of the land, and often as court or defense when one is broken. They are Cartel diplomats or political advisors and act as the more manipulative counter to the Trader’s business minded thoughts. When the Cartel needs to influence politics they call upon the Envoy and given enough time, with others such as the Entertainer, they can either build or destroy a political career.
Entertainer A member who is skilled in entertainment, propaganda, promoting an act, or simply how to sell the crowd. Many entertainers are simple artists, while others might be mud slingers or courtesans. The Entertainer's primary skills rely on social and political skills in various fields. They are the first level of restoring public face for the Crown, and they are the ones often sent to alleviate a client’s concerns. Working alongside other Crown members, or even the other Sects, the Entertainer provides a distraction or simply misdirects to better the public face of the Cartel.


Tier 3 RolesEdit

Those who have shown aptitude for business or the game of politics. Rising above the rest they gain new responsibilities within the Courts.

Court of Rats Tier 3 Roles

Masked A member who has shown a propensity in reading people and has increased their assassination skills to take on larger jobs. Masked represent the someone who can not only develop a undercover identity, but is able create them as the situation dictates. They have trained farther beyond the simple work of a Scarlet Agent and have begun taking on larger jobs as needed. The Masked is often tasked with assigning jobs and acting as directors in the field for the Crown in time with the Legate of the Court of Rats. Masked other than are usually tasked with setting up operations and leading infiltration teams or even creating sleeper cells in enemy ranks.
Enforcer A member who has expanded themselves from being simple muscle and have come to act as a small time gang-leader or criminal enforcement. Enforcers by their name generally skilled fighters in various forms, and magics. They are often charged with heading debt collection operations in time with Racketeers and Brandsman criminal operations. Unlike the Agent or Masked, the secrecy for a Enforcer is nil as their work focuses on breaking people and getting money through force.
Brandsman A member who has come to understand the power of profit and the skill required to gain it. They might be highly knowledgeable slavers, drug dealers, weapons dealers, or black market traders. Brandsman often not only run an operation, but often work in concert with members of the other criminal Allegiances such as the Jade Ring and the Obsidian Circle. Brandsman often hand out assignments to lower rung Rats and Hooligans in the operations of slavery, narcotics, stolen items and dangerous weapons. They often work alongside Masked, and Enforcers to break targets to gain more profit for the Cartel.
Racketeer A member who has excelled above the common swindler and has proven themselves in adept in making profit at the expense of others. As the planners of many of the book working and overall shuffling of profit, they are the more technical minded counter to the profit-minded Brandsman. Racketeers usually take part in debt collection and are often the ones who loan at the money beforehand. In the Cartel Racketeers help direct and push the criminal operations alongside the Administrator and the Slavemaster, often acting as the Council Representatives' hands in the criminal underworld even.


Court of Rooks Tier 3 Roles

Marketer A member who has shown advanced skill in business and trade. Their skills are often applied in trade goods, running a business, dealing with money lending, or advising on financial investment. Marketers are often charged with organizing and handing out assignments to Traders and are commonly the supporters of the Administrator. They often represent the Cartel in major trade deals and oversee the negotiation of the acquisition of new assets. Their secondary job is to increase business connections for Cartel goods and business overall.
Gallant A member who has come to develop a name for themselves and has come to take up several causes or to help the people of Tyria. Gallants are the defenders and charitable donors that help to maintain the Cartel’s facade of the Trade Union and to keep their hands in the law abiding world. Gallants might be ranking members of a racial authority group, or may simply be people fighting the good fight. In correspondence with the Steel Ring and the Ivory Circle the Gallant often leads the Charge in defending allies of the Cartel who are law abiding citizens when necessary.
Steward A member who has shown increased ability in brokering information, acting as a diplomacy, or as a scholar of the law and political advisory. Stewards often act in concert with Marketers and Virtuosos in finding investment, but also in in building connections with outside factions. Within the Cartel they often act as mediators and in other cases they are negotiators. Their primary focus is the ability to manipulate others to get what they want, making them a legit mirror to the Racketeer. Stewards often work together with Gallants to back charities, and in other cases with others (Technologists, Bombardiers etc) in building new establishments and assets for the Cartel.
Virtuoso A member who has gained their rank as an Official after proving their aptitude in manipulating social trends. They are either a highly skilled artist or intelligent player of the social field. Virtuosos provide direction to Entertainers and often work in time with other Officials to clean and perfect the public face of the Court of Rooks and the Greater Cartel. They might do this through a carefully planned performance, silencing the woes of a client, laying the right rumors, or simply playing an inspiring song. When the Cartel needs contingencies or simply dealing with bad press, the Virtuoso is ready to take up the call.


Tier 4 RolesEdit

Those who have come to command one of the Courts and serve as Legates to the Master of Crowns.

Court of Rats Tier 4 Roles

Faceless A member who has risen above the prattle of low level assassins to the high level assignations of the Master of Crown themselves. The Faceless is the personal killer of the Council and the keeper of the register of all hits ordered by the Cartel in general. The Faceless as a Legate rules with a tight fisted silken glove that often eliminates those who get in their way. When a Faceless reigns as the Legate of the Rats they create a order of assassins and killers bound by discipline and trained to destroy the enemies of the Cartel from within. Masters of Espionage and creating “accidents” for loose ends within the Cartel. The Faceless often teams up with the Highwayman and the High Inquisitor to remove threats to the Cartel within or on the outside through silent means.
Kingpin A member who has beaten their way to the top and come to reign above the rest as the Legate of the Court of Rats. The Kingpin is the true underhanded fist of the Master of Crown and runs the Court like a criminal mob. Blood and violence reign supreme as the top level lord of criminal action. Rule under the Kingpin is generally violent and without mercy, but a system of honor does exist. Assignments are handed down to those who can do the job, and the weak are left in the dust. When a Kingpin reigns, the drugs flow, and communicate between the Jade and Obsidian is often done directly and through aggressive negotiations.
Overseer A member who removed their competitors and rose to rule the criminal syndicate that they have created within the Court of Rats. Slaves and drugs run free as smuggling operations and abductions reign supreme. To the Overseer there is only profit and collateral damage is not really a concern, their aim is to rule through careful calculated movements and if that means someone dies who cares. An Overseer works in tandem with the Conservator in collecting things and gaining profit, or along with the Breaker they increased illegal trade throughout the world at benefit to themselves and the Cartel. Their assignments are given with careful consideration and failure to comply or complete them often ends in quick punishment.
Robber Baron A member who has excelled in guile and trickery to rise to the top as Legate of the Rats. The Robber Baron is the mirror to the Ring Master in that they apply themselves in the control of others through trickery, con jobs, falsities, and much more. They are in many ways the ultimate liar of the Cartel as their purpose is to use their skills to better the position of the Master of Crown in the underworld. Their minions are often treated as expendable and in many cases are used without care. Their assignments are often done so in a manner that threads different gambits to better the Cartel. Of all the Rat Legate’s they rule the most evenly with others, make deals and being ready to sign a treaty as long as it makes them look good and gains the Cartel what it needs.


Court of Rooks Tier 4 Roles

Broker A member who has risen to the rank of Legate for their skills in economics and for signing numerous trade deals. The Broker is the boss behind most Crown business deals and often runs the Court of Rooks like a large trade company. They often work alongside the Quartermaster to move goods. The Broker in general is a cold calculating leader who sees most numbers, but at the same time realizes the need for a good public face. They give out assignments to the worthy and those who cannot prove themselves are often left in the cold. This brooding sense is only seen in their decision making, but when it comes to negotiations they are all about pleasing the client.
Champion A member who has created not only a name for themselves, but has begun to build a legend. The Champion is a hero, and a charitable sort who sees the world in needing of defending. Their work primarily focuses on using the Cartel resources to help others, and in turn leading their men and women in activities that not only benefit the Cartel, but create long standing good will for it. A Champion leads through action and is often compared to the Commander or even the Crusader. However, their skills are not simply martial, but also social and political. However, what they do sell and that of their underlings is action. Through deeds and results the Champion rules the Court of Rooks, and through actions they desire to direct efforts with others in the Cartel.
Regent A member who has come within their own as a Legate and has increased the prestige of the group they represent within the Cartel. The Regent runs the Court of Rooks like a consulate of diplomacy and or a political campaign. The Regent rules by seeking those who can achieve their goals and then seeks to prevent others from rising too far. They give out assignments to the worthy, and yet are always ready to displace those who might be faltering. Equal chance reigns as they work in time with the Technologist to spread new ideas, or with the Demolitionist to build new projects for the Cartel.
Ringmaster  A member who has risen to the top as player of the game of thrones and as a highly comprehensive master of the social arena. They are grand orators, entertainers, high class call girls, madames and much more. As they rose to Legate they distinguished themselves for their performances, the patrons they collected, the art they created, or the people they can call upon. From spinmasters to party bosses, or simply the madame used by all the nobles, or an artist that pines for the next masterpiece. The Ringmaster runs their Allegiance with a whimsical tone and often works quite easily with the Warden or Sage the Bombardier. Assignments are given in an orderly and yet sometimes chaotic manner. Their rule is often signified with a focus on manipulating trends and appearances.


The Master of The Crown Edit

Once the Masters of Voice and Coin were two separate individuals. One focused upon the rule of the Cartel's long held neutral economical machine, the other with managing the various social connections of the organization. Now the two sides are one as the Crown arose as the Cartels new investor and political backer in all things. As a ruler, the Master of Crowns works carefully playing the game of thrones. Choices are made carefully as respect must be kept and alliances carefully created.