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The Crown Edit

"Power and Profit, with our tenacity we shall defeat any foe!"

They were born from the old noble families of the Ashenfold and from the union of the now dead Coin and Voice Sects. From this varied past was created the Crown, a Sect intent on gaining power and profit for the Cartel with whatever means they deem necessary. Filled with Merchants, Nobles, and Diplomats alike, the Crown serves as the Social arm of the Cartel in all things.

Strengths The Crown has connections across Tyria and various pockets into which it can delve into to get things done. Their social acumen and the backing of a variety of merchants provides the Crown influence and wealth that are only dreamed of by the Tome and Spear. The Crown leverages its resources in a variety of ways, excelling in entertainment and propaganda. It is Crown agents who cover up the messes left behind by the other Sects and who often negotiate bail for those in trouble with the Authorities.

Weakness The twin courts of the Crown, with their mixture of diplomacy and business, have at times caused friction with other Sects. The pervasive atmosphere of influence-brokering and power-gaming has placed the Sect in precarious, if not dangerous, positions in the past. Due to their shifting alliances outside of the Cartel, few are sure to trust members of the Crown.

Cultural of The CrownEdit

The Crown evolved to encompass the dual nature of Cartel to create what has become known as the Over and Under Courts.  Due to their mixed nature, the Crown has often dealt with divisions, not only of culture, but of class, something that has, at times, led to internal dispute.

The LitanyEdit

When a member joins the Crown, they are taught the Litany, a simple recitation of the Crown's purposes and focus within the Cartel:

"We are the players of the great game, we are the backers of new ventures. Without us the Cartel would lose touch with the outside. We are the diplomats and calm voice in the storm."


A member gains respect and power within the Crown through their ability to sell themselves.  Silver-tongues and political acumen are the mainstay of the Sect.  In this, good connections and influential contacts are the true mark of achievement within the Sect.  The more cards a player holds in the great game, the more powerful they are.  A Crown member gains respect and honor through the social ties and allies.


The color of the Crown is gold, though, to many, it is a mark foolishness.  Within the Crown, a member's identity should be remarkable by the group or organization they serve within the Sect or by the badge and success of their business.  The Crown is the only sect whose members do not openly wear its colors outside of formal occaisions for the simple fact that its membership it is too varied and their influence so broad.