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The Chained Edit

"Through the bond we are enslaved, through our chains we earn freedom."

Once known as the Bonded, the slaves of the Cartel changed much since what has come to be called the Reformation. Within the Cartel the Chained serve as the downtrodden workers and the bound performers. Unpaid and rarely respected in full, they are the silent muscle that allows the Cartel to survive in the hardest of times. Even though they are seen as lesser, some of the truest heroes of the Ashenfold were once accounted among the Chained.

Strengths The Chained are perhaps in the worst position when it comes to power within the Cartel, however they do have one indisputable strength and that being no one cares if they are there. Slaves, although they are not likely to know everything, are often privy to whatever their owner's know through sheer presence. They are also quite afforded quite a bit of freedom which allows them to cross lines often ignored by other Sects.

Weakness Chained are at the beck and call of their owners and this places them in a very precarious position. Even if they are skilled individuals or honorable warriors, the Chained are required to respect and follow the orders of those that own their debt without question. In this regard they are perhaps one of the weakest of the Sects.

Tier 1 RolesEdit

They are the lowest ranks of the Chained and those who have yet to be truly evaluated by a Trainer / Brandsman or Slavemaster.

Bonds of SilkEdit

  • Paramour - A slave who is trained in the arts of being a companion or the personal entertainer for a given patron or owner. They are often chosen for their physical appearance and not necessarily their skill, as they are meant to be decorations to show wealth.
  • Performer - A slave who is trained as a public entertainer or performing artist. They are often musicians, dancers, or even actors. Unlike a Paramour, a Performer is sought after for their skill and often they are as expensive, if not more, depending upon whatever performing arts skill they excel
  • Servant - A slave who is trained as either a personal or general house servant. Body Servants are generally more highly trained whereas the cheaper house servant still generally lives a much better life than most Chained.
  • Scribe - A slave who is trained in recording information, monitoring items, or generally acting as an administrative aide. They are often given more power over other Chained and in some cases are not always likely to want their freedom because of it.

Bonds of BloodEdit

  • Gladiator - A slave trained in the art of combat and trained to entice the crowd with blood sport. They are often very expensive and are not often abused.
  • Sworn Guard - A slave trained in defending and keeping their owner safe. They are perhaps one of the most expensive, as their loyalty is sought after and their skill is usually ensured with years of practice and teaching. Sworn guards can also be those bought at a younger age and trained as companion guards for their charges.
  • Novice - A slave chosen for their skill in a craft or as a physical artist. In some cases, they can be skilled craftsmen that the Cartel simply does not think can be trusted with their freedom until proven.
  • Laborers - A slave chosen for a particular ability or just for the fact they are strong or quick. Laborers are often used as menial workers, or as fill-ins for projects when they need something done.

Tier 2 RolesEdit

After having trained and being evaluated for their skill a Tier 1 becomes a Tier 2 Chained. They are the seasoned members of the Under Sect.

Bonds of SilkEdit

  • Concubine - A slave who has become a seasoned companion and personal entertainer. They have shown skills in multiple areas of entertainment and have become adept as a companion.
  • Seasoned Performer - A slave who has shown increased skill in public entertainment and enticing the will of the crowd.
  • Seasoned Servant - A slave who has shown increased loyalty to their owner and skills an reading their chosen owner.
  • Seasoned Scribe - A slave who has shown increased ability in administration and Scribe work.

Bonds of BloodEdit

  • Seasoned Gladiator - A slave who has fought in many battles in the Arena or the Pits.
  • Seasoned Shield - A slave with extensive training in defending their owner and deducing possible threats. They are often the first to taste their masters dishes and are ever vigilant for threats.
  • Tradesman - A slave who has showed increased skill in their chosen craft and the ability to teach others in it.
  • Seasoned Laborers - A slave who has shown increased endurance and or skill for their abilities as a laborer. They are often tasked in showing new Chained Labourers the ropes.

Tier 3 RolesEdit

They are those who have found themselves rising above the rabble and showing their skill to an established Slavemaster, or two Brandsman.

Bonds of SilkEdit

  • Courtesan - A slave who has trained for many hours in various instruments, ceremonies and comforting others. They are known for their skill and are often highly sought after for it.
  • Virtuoso - A slave who excels and revels in the performance for the crowd. They have often created a name for themselves in some manner and are often used to make their owner or owners look good.
  • Retainer - A slave who has become a highly trained personal servant for their owner. They are often quite knowledgeable in various skills and catering to concierge working.
  • Secretary - A slave who has performed ever increasing book keeping and clerical work for their chosen owner. They have shown increased skill and are often tasked with managing high level affairs.

Bonds of BloodEdit

  • Doctore - A slave gladiator who has either retired or has reached the level where they serve best as a teacher. Their skill in combat and working the crowd is often quite great and they are employed as trainers of future gladiators or even soldiers.
  • Praetorian - A slave guard who has come to lead details protecting their own or has shown extensive skills in personal awareness, defensive combat and removing threats to their owner's person.
  • Tradesman - A slave who has shown master level skill in their chosen craft and is often tasked with leading work groups.
  • Seasoned Laborers - A slave laborer who has come to lead teams of lesser laborers in accomplishing greater projects for their owner.