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The Chained Edit

"Through the bond we are enslaved, through our chains we earn freedom."

Once known as the Bonded, the slaves of the Cartel changed much since what has come to be called the Reformation. Within the Cartel the Chained serve as the downtrodden workers and the bound performers. Unpaid and rarely respected in full, they are the silent muscle that allows the Cartel to survive in the hardest of times. Even though they are seen as lesser, some of the truest heroes of the Ashenfold were once accounted among the Chained.

Strengths The Chained are perhaps in the worst position when it comes to power within the Cartel, however they do have one indisputable strength and that being no one cares if they are there. Slaves, although they are not likely to know everything, are often privy to whatever their owner's know through sheer presence. They are also quite afforded quite a bit of freedom which allows them to cross lines often ignored by other Sects.

Weakness Chained are at the beck and call of their owners and this places them in a very precarious position. Even if they are skilled individuals or honorable warriors, the Chained are required to respect and follow the orders of those that own their debt without question. In this regard they are perhaps one of the weakest of the Sects.

The Bonds of SilkEdit

Those who are Chained to the Bonds of Silk are often slaves specializing in performance arts, personal attendance and servitude. They are considered the weakest of the Chained and are often looked down upon a flowery bedmates and useless assistants, but their owners they are an invaluable resource.

The Bonds of BloodEdit

The Bonds of Blood are slaves marked for heavy labor, crafting, and the fighting pits of Lion's Arch. They make up the Cartel's illegal backbone of labor and entertainment in gladiatorial combat. Offering trained guards and fighters for pay along side smiths and gladiators the Bonds of Blood are most rebellious slaves the Cartel has to offer.