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Many years ago, the Wandering Asura, or the Wanderer came and devised a new philosophy for the Aekart Cartel. From his words were born the Ashenfold and from his technology, the Cartel reigned in the shadows of Tyria for years. However, as the Era of Fools proved, the Cartel had come to rely too much on its past and needed to forge a new future. Secretly, the Master of Shadow implemented a bold new technology that would replace the aging Multi-Intercommunication Matrix. On that night, communication for the organization changed forever.

Technology within the Cartel has for years been based on the creations of the wandering Asura. However, this led to a stagnation of the Cartel's ability to adapt to the oncoming changes once required by growing opposition. Over time this instance invested several members of the Cartel (including the Shadow) to invest in new ideas and reworking the dying infrastructure of the Cartel itself.

Now armed with new technologies, and aspirations to adapt further, the Cartel prepares itself for any obstacles it may face in the new Era.

The Signet RingsEdit

With the reformation of the Cartel, the signet rings had fallen out of use and favor. Reintroduced as a gift by Tanqq, Master of Tome, of Wintersday 1325, the Signet rings are the mark of the Cartel. The rings employ older, but revamped technology to be multi-functional as well as stylish.  

Construction and DesignEdit

Visually, any member of the Union that gazes upon a signet ring immediately knows that they stand before a member of Rank. The rings are also nondescript so as not to draw attention from outsiders.

The materials used for the construction of the rings varies from Rank to Rank. The gemstones on each ring are held in place by tension, a method engineered by the Asurans. 

Rank Material and Construction
Grandmaster The ring of the Grandmaster is created from orichalcum set with four opals, which represent the office of the Grandmaster and the Council of Masters. This ring is the only ring set with the seal of the Ashenfold Cartel, making it unique, as well as the most immediately recognizable ring. 
Appointed Positions

The rings of all Grandmaster and Council of Masters Appointed Positions are constructed of platnium, with a central, large-cut opal. Each positions is represented by three delicate, small-cut gemstones on either side of of the center opal.

  • Amythist for The Administrator
  • Black Opal for The Arbiter
  • Golden Topaz for The Slavemaster
  • Emerald for The Speaker
  • Fire Opal for The Observer
The Masters

Crafted from mithril, the rings of the Masters are crafted with a central, large-cut gem and four smaller, delicate-cut gems. 

  • Diamond for The Crown
  • Sapphire for The Spear
  • Ruby for The Tome
The Legates 

Crafted from platinum, the rings of the Legates are creafted with a central, large-cut gem and three smaller, delicate cut gems.

  • Diamond for The Crown
  • Sapphire for The Spear
  • Ruby for The Tome
The Officials

Styled from gold, the rings of the Officials are crafted with a cental, large-cut gem and two smaller, delicate cut gems. 

  • Diamond for The Crown
  • Sapphire for The Spear
  • Ruby for The Tome



Legate, Council-appointed position, Master and Grandmaster rings have the ability to create a Seal of the Ashenfold. This Seal is an official mark required to authenticate a Writ.

To create an official seal, with ring sat upon a finger, press down onto a piece of parchment and hold for three seconds. A brand will appear in the form of the Ashenfold A.

The rings also provide access to certain restricted space. With ring set on the finger, those with the Rank of Official or above may access various vaults, libraries and armories that would otherwise be restricted.

To wear the signet ring upon the right hand indicates openness and interest in negotiations. To wear it upon the left hand indicates a lack of interest in negotiatons, and should not be approached for verbal discourse.