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The following is a list of the Powers of The Slavemaster. There are also limitations placed on these terms of powers.

The Powers of the SlavermasterEdit

The Slavemaster may do the following:

  • Oversee the Term of Bonding in the Code.
  • Manage and order the slave operation of the Cartel which includes all Overseers, Brandsman, Trainers, Handlers for the Chaind, and all Chained without an owner that belong to the Cartel.
  • Appraise Chained to change their tier as needed.
  • Reposses slaves if there is evidence of physical or extreme mental abuse.
  • Reposses slaves if there is evidence of neglect.
  • Reposses slaves if the Tribunal determines that as a punishment for Codebreaking.
  • Oversee and approve all slave transactions within the Cartel.
  • Approve all branding and tattooing of slaves.
  • Approve all freeing of slaves.
  • Change the pricing of slaves after appraisal.
  • May call upon the Steel Ring to track down and detain run-away slaves; the Jade Ring to deal with overly mouthy slaves and clean up the evidence; the Court of Rats to drug and train slaves; the Court of Rooks to spin propaganda and things up; the Obsidian Circle to abduct and interrogate targets.
  • Post general assignments.

The Slavemaster may not do the following:

  • Disobey orders from his or her Legate and any sect Master.
  • Abuse his or her abilities to gain personal slaves.
  • Go against the Council if they overturn his or her ability to repossess slaves.