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The following is a list of the Powers of The Masters. There are also limitations placed on these terms of powers.

The Powers of the MasterEdit

A Sect’s Master may do the following

  • Appoint and dismiss Legates or Officials as they see fit.
  • May assign managers to guild Outfits if a position is open.
  • May redirect personal Sect operations and actions as they see fit.
  • May deny services and business even to other Sects if see fit.
  • May take charge of local Cartel operations in case of emergencies and local Legates are not present.
  • Bestow and remove titles upon members within reason.
  • Call emergency Parley within reason whenever they see fit.
  • Expel people from their Sect with good reason.
  • May issue edicts to direct overall Sect goals and direction.
  • May organize their subordinates and assign them orders as they see fit.
  • May assign and dismiss Sect Handlers.

A Sect’s Master may not do the following

  • They may not supersede the jurisdiction and authority of another master.
  • They may not go against an order from a Council.
  • May not disobey an edict issued by the Grandmaster.