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The following is a list of the Powers of The Grandmaster. There are also limitations placed on these terms of powers.

The Powers of the Grand MasterEdit

The Grandmaster may do the following

  • Remove one legate and two officials total from any sect of their choice once a month. They must provide replacements when doing so.
  • Dismiss Administrators once a month, but must provide a replacement.
  • May appoint and dismiss managers of guild Outfits, but must provide a replacement.
  • May redirect cartel resources and operations as needed.
  • May veto Council decisions.
  • May pass proposals with support of at least one Master. Proposals may include redirecting roles, allegiances, guild operations, ventures and outfits.
  • The Grandmaster may bestow or remove titles as they wish, not including Shadow titles.
  • The Grandmaster may exile a member from the Cartel with just cause and evidence of code breaking
  • Change the Cartel’s goals and direction.
  • May dismiss a Master if the two Legates of the Sect in question agree, must provide a replacement.
  • May assign Handlers to a Sect and dismiss them with consideration.
  • May appoint Council Representative positions (Arbiter, Slavemaster, and Administrator) with good reason and dismiss them with proper evidence. When dismissing must provide an adequate reason and candidate.

The Grandmaster may not do the following

  • Once a proposal or action of theirs is overturned by the Council they may not use their Veto powers against that action.
  • Force a Master to overreach the jurisdiction of another.
  • Usurp the authority of the Shadow as Keepers of the Code.