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Palija Amal
Player Details
Username PeriasGift.4680
Timezone GMT -6
The Basics
Profession Mesmer
Alias Pali
Date of Birth
Gender Female
Race Human
Ethnicity Vabbian
Faith Devout follower of the Six
Patron God Kormir
The Crown
Allegiance Court of Rats
Tier Tier 2
Role Scarlet Agent

Palija is tall with midnight-black hair that has cornrows going to a flowing part in the back. She has large dark brown eyes, a broad nose, and full lips. Her long neck and slender fingers are usually adorned with numerous finery. Her figure is one of the most noticeable thing about her, like an hourglass her body is small at the waist but larger in contrast at the hips and bust. She is often seen with a small smile and reserved expressions though her clothes are anything but. If you glanced at her right eye you might notice small precise pale scars radiating outwards, and if you were to inspect closer still you might note that her right eye is in fact made of glass.


Palija is first and foremost a people-pleaser. She doesn't often act in her own personal interests but instead works for her clients and friends, whoever they may be. She has always worked for someone, be it a noble family like house Engelram, or the Cartel at the Bath House. She finds that when she's given her own agenda or free time she feels lost and out-of-place. She's never known anything other than working for someone and doesn't feel the need to change that. Palija often uses her words or sexuality to manipulate people to do and say what she wants them to say. She will do this on her own to those whose status is considered beneath hers, like other commoners and servants, but will do the same to higher ranking people if her employers ask it of her. With her wiles she coaxes information out of important clients that she is asked to entertain.

Because she has never known anything beyond servitude, Palija doesn't have many morals besides devotion. Subjugation and people telling her what to do is the norm, and she often absorbs the morals (or lack thereof) of her employers as her own.

Though Palija still seeks to please her masters, she is also developing somewhat of a backbone with the encouragement of her new friends, both within the Crown and among the Amali.

Character BackgroundEdit


The Crown. Johara, Wrask, and House Amal


Palija has duties to her sect and is currently under Wrask's care.


Palija has parents who both work for House Engelram's main branch; she doesn't see them often and most of the servants are like her family. Her new family has become the Amali though she still sees her blood family, Umjabwe, from time to time.


Early LifeEdit

Palija's parents owed the Engelram's a large debt and have been working it off before Palija was a thought in their mind. When Palija was born her mother was given some time to care for her but was soon put back to work and Palija was sent to the nursery. There she was raised during the day with all the children of the workers and the children of the second branch, including Ophelia. The two girls bonded as they grew and Palija was soon designated as Ophelia's playmate, and when the girls grew older, her handmaid. Palija often used her words and her charm to manipulate others into doing things that she wanted to do, including convincing Ophelia to steal Lyssa's banner in the Shrine to the Six in Divinity's Reach. While these events were usually minor things like convincing the cooks to give her an extra roll or asking a guard to not tell her parents that she was sneaking out late they gradually grew into larger things like manipulating noblemen to fall in love with her and give her jewels. The latter escelated into more raunchy occurances when Palija found she had a passion for more indecorous activities. She soon was working in a brothel and then the bath house when her brothel paid their debt with her to the Cartel. For a time Ophelia was the only person that knew of her activities (besides her clients and fellow workers)

However, rumors spread through the Engelram house and made their way to Effisio, the head of the secondary branch of House Engelram. He was outraged that a whore was working in his house and ordered one of his men to scar Palija's face, making her unfit for work. The man was stopped by Ophelia, but not before he slashed Palija's left arm, leaving a scar that would never fully heal.

How Palija Amal joined the CartelEdit

Palija joined the Cartel by being a companion at Archer's Bath House where she was taken from her other brothel after it couldn't pay its promised payments to the Cartel. Her skills were immediately recognizable and she was told to manipulate clients for the Voice. She agreed, eager to please her new masters through one of her favorite activities.

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

OOC Limits

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