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Player Details
Username Osi
Timezone -8 GMT
The Basics
Profession Thief
Alias The Brewer
Date of Birth
Gender male
Race Human
Ethnicity Elonian mixed
Faith Six Gods
Patron God Lyssa
The Crown
Allegiance The Court of Rats
Tier Tier 2
Role Robber

Osi is a young man about 5'7" and medium build. He has a narrow face with rounded bone structure and unblemished skin that makes him look younger than he is. Osi always takes care to keep a clean shaven face. His eyes are slightly narrow with piercing, light gray irises. Osi has tan skin and dark brown hair by birth, and years of training has kept his body flexible and quick without the bulk of muscle. He walks with a relaxed gait with his weight hanging back always taking in his surroundings and never seems to be in a rush. Osi also has a habit of rubbing his thumb and index fingers together when he is thinking or before he attempts a lift/theft of any sort.


Osi is generally a carefree man with an interest in alcohol(especially ales) and treasure. He is a man of leisure and enjoys relishing in the spoils of his ventures. He also takes care to learn the courtesies of the various cultures and is more apt to listen than to speak. Osi is always alert taking in his surroundings using sound and scent as well as visuals to understand his situation. He has a tendency to gamble and take too many risks which can sometimes lead to losses in both coin and business dealings, and also has a distaste for authority figures that have not earned his respect.

Osi is not known for his physical strength although he uses his mind and agility to make up for that in most cases. Osi takes extra care when dealing with his hands and can be a little over protective of them. As a child he learned that nimble fingers were the difference between life and death, and thus will avoid things like blacksmithing or fist fights to keep his hands protected. He loves to keep special and rare treasures in a small room where he often visits to seek solitude. Osi also finds a high pleasure in making people who have wronged him crumble. He may steal prized objects and other important documents or plant false evidences into the homes and businesses of his enemies in order to frame them.

Due to his rather strict and sheltered upbringing, Osi did not have any close friends other than his master and he is hesitant to trust people. Most days were spent training and studying or applying these skills to jobs and tasks assigned by his master. Because of this, Osi both yearns for friendship and is eager to prove his worth, but also fears its vulnerability. He can be overly careful and take many precautions when conducting business deals.

Character BackgroundEdit


The Coin Sect


Alcohol Supply/D'Robert Social Club and Thief Services/Baron's Den



Early LifeEdit

Osi was an orphan on the streets of Lion’s Arch making petty thefts and burglaries in order to survive. He was taken in by a Canthan tavern owner who was an older man known as "Bird," and began to be instructed in the fine art of brew crafting. Bird, saw great potential in the boy and eventually taught him complicated skills such as how disguise himself and impersonate people of varying import and culture as well as their languages. Bird instructed Osi on the use of daggers and trained his body to be agile, alert in all senses, and to blend into his surroundings.

At the age of 18, Osi began to run the majority of the business after Bird went into retirement from his criminal occupations and became a full time barkeep. The two lived together in the tavern with a mediocre life as Bird had never done any high scale operations nor did he allow Osi to either. Bird believed it best to do only what was necessary and ‘keep a low profile,’ leaving the large heists to the organized criminal syndicates. However, to test himself Osi began to undertake operations of extremely high reward and difficulty that he assumed were in secret of his master.

Several years later Bird confronted Osi and told him that he had known all along of his operations and urged Osi to reconsider his situation. In anger and defiance, Osi contrived his most complicated operation ever, to break into the vaults of one of the counting houses of Lion’s Arch. The operation went horribly wrong. Days later, Osi returned to the tavern to find that it had been destroyed and Bird had died in its fires. Upon further investigation, Osi learned that a rival gang was responsible for alerting the authorities to his enterprise and the murder of Bird. Osi fled the city with little more than a bag of coin, a book of names and places, and Bird’s pair of old daggers, motivated by a steeping revenge. His destination was the giant city of Divinity’s Reach to rebuild his empire bigger and better with enough gold and power to one day return to pay his enemies back tenfold.

How Osi joined the CartelEdit

While in the process of attempting to steal from one of the counting houses in Lion’s Arch, a Norn thief also happened to be after the same prize at the very same time. As neither could have succeeded alone, they decided to cooperate for the time being after a brief, yet comical struggle in silence. However, the Norn did not realize that he had been tailed by a rival gang and that he and Osi were being set up in a trap. The heist went critically wrong and in the event the Norn was shot and died later that night after escaping. Before his death the thief whispered to Osi a few words about an Aekart family.

Osi quickly became a wanted criminal and soon found his home destroyed and all is assets seized be either the city authorities or the rival gang. He has since fled the city of Lion’s Arch and now goes by the name of Osi and has entered Divinity’s Reach opening a small brewery in order to restart his enterprise and to investigate the Aekart.

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

OOC Limits

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