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New Profile Example
The Arbiter
Player Details
Username SriinKnorei.3974
Timezone CST (-6 GMT)
The Basics
Profession Necromancer
Alias The Spider
Date of Birth 1301 AE (speculated)
Gender Female
Occupation The Arbiter, High Inquisitor
Race Norn
Affiliation Raven
NGO The Satsui
The Tome
Allegiance The Obsidian Circle
Role High Inquisitor

The Confessor is immediately recognizable by her elaborate and terrifying costumes consisting of head to toe black and green-hued skirts and rich fabrics. Her masks, which often given her an additional foot of costume height feature prominent animal horns, feathers and various other accouterments of rare metals and precious gems.

Her face is always covered by her mask, pale makeup applied to her cheeks and red or black lipstick on her lips. The hint of jagged eye makeup peeks from below the lip of her mask behind gossamer silk or netted veils.Each of her long, ten fingers are topped in hinged, armored rings which give the impression of razor-sharp talons.

When traveling to and from places of business she often wears a very large, disc-shaped hat with a veil that encircles her body in 360-degrees and reaches to her knees, hiding all of her features behind thick gossamer silk.

When she speaks, her voice sound a little bit unnatural, multi-textured and deeper than her hidden identity, Madam Knorejjd.


The Confessor is firm, unflinching and lacks the general emotional displays associated with a normal, well-adjustment member of society. She hides anything that she may or may not feel behind a terrible and cruel smile. If the Devil existed in Tyria, she would be likened to such a terrible entity with her love for the misery and torment of others and the mind games and manipulations she plays on others. All with that unflinching and cruel smile.

All business, The Confessor is rarely seen indulging in pleasure. It is thought they are one and the same for her-- her business is her pleasure and she derives pleasure from her dark and terrible business as a professional torture and hard question-asker for the Union.

Character BackgroundEdit

Life HistoryEdit

Some say The Confessor is a creature from The Mist taken Norn shape. Others think of her as a bone-lady from the deep north of the Shiverpeaks that openly defies the elements. Some call her a fortune-teller or soothsayer. They say she might be found often times at the Baron D’Robert Chateau. Her coming and her going is unceremonious and unpredictable, but her presence unmistakable.

How New Profile Example joined the CartelEdit

The rise of The Confessor is rumor and pure conjecture. It is said that she was one a companion of the rich and powerful elite of Divinity’s Reach, providing professional scolding for an obscene sum of coin. Nothing too sinful, and no point too far--in fact, the more gruesome and terrible the better.

With her predilections and inclinations, it is little wonder how such a young woman rose to a position of power, first within The Voice, and with the reformation--The Crown. Although demoted with the reformation, her reputation for violence and results remained intact.

The Council of Masters saw fit to promote her again, first as the Arbiter, the foremost authority on investigations into  code-breaking and the subsequent punishment-dealer. The shuffling of resources between The Tome and The Crown would lead to her second promotion as High Inquisitor of the Obsidian Circle. Who better to play the part of the boogie man than The Confessor herself:

"Stay in line, or they will send you to The Confessor."

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

OOC Limits

  • No ERP (ever)
  • Mature themes OK. Violent and darker themes acceptable. 'Adult' themed content will be discussed OOCly prior to engagement and will only ever be a 'let's not, but say we did' scenario for sexualized content. Any torture or graphic violence will need to be OK'd for all parties involved.
  • No permadeath. I typically only RP one, maybe two characters. I am not down with my only source of RP being killed off unless I plan to leave the game. Assassination attempts, mysterious disappearances that end up with the character being out-of-play for a reasonable duration all up for discussion. Must be a plot-driving device.
  • No Rape RP
  • No romantic relationship RP
  • Play along with RP Bounty on your head/my own head: Yes
  • Play an antagonist for your character or your plotline: Yes
  • Will submit to all In-character consequences of my RP actions: Yes