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Many years ago, the Wandering Asura, or the Wanderer came and devised a new philosophy for the Aekart Cartel. From his words were born the Ashenfold and from his technology, the Cartel reigned in the shadows of Tyria for years. However, as the Era of Fools proved, the Cartel had come to rely too much on its past and needed to forge a new future. Secretly, the Master of Shadow implemented a bold new technology that would replace the aging Multi-Intercommunication Matrix. On that night, communication for the organization changed forever.

Technology within the Cartel has for years been based on the creations of the wandering Asura. However, this led to a stagnation of the Cartel's ability to adapt to the oncoming changes once required by growing opposition. Over time this instance invested several members of the Cartel (including the Shadow) to invest in new ideas and reworking the dying infrastructure of the Cartel itself.

Now armed with new technologies, and aspirations to adapt further, the Cartel prepares itself for any obstacles it may face in the new Era.

Cartel AmuletsEdit

Given to Tier 1 Recruits and Bonded, as soon as you post a bio you have access to the NiM.

After the consequences of the Era of Fools, Cartel communication was changed forever.

Amulet frontview

In one secretive night, the Shadow Sect tore out the old MiM structure and replaced it with a new machine known as the Network Information Matrix (or NiM). This new technology combined several new innovations that were beyond that original perceived by the Wandering Asura.

To use the NiM, one must hold it firmly and then speak into it. To hear the voices the cord must be worn around the neck and remain unbroken. The color of the Amulet (or the Mark as it is called in the Ashenfold Cant) is a general identifier of the Sect membership of the holder:

  • Blue for Spear
  • Red for Tome
  • Gold for Crown
  • Silver for Chain

Amulets appear to be a mechanical fixture centered around an old steel coin minted with bent "A" mark. This device is set with four small spheres each serving a particular purpose with the device.

  • The large sphere set near the top of the amulet is infused with necrotic magic which is then attuned to the user’s life-force. If it cannot detect their life-force then the amulet is unusable.
  • The bottom sphere allows members to attune communication to a particular person or persons (Whisper Channel).
  • The right sphere attunes to a specific group of people (Party and Commander Channels that are IC).
  • The left sphere attunes the amulet to the entire Network as a whole (Guild Chat).

NiM Service Pack 2.1326Edit

Vocal Omnipresent Imprinting System (VOIS)Edit

A new asuran data storage device (location known only to the Tome's master to prevent tampering) has been coupled with two unused NiMs, allowing for several new uses.

Every NiM now comes with the ability to record any sounds within hearing range. Audio is stored as messages to the recorder's personal account, which may be replayed or forwarded to others at any time. A command must be used to start and stop recording, either with a voice cue or physical touch on the NiM. Screenshots taken after this update are allowed to be used as evidence in tribunal hearings.

Consequently, the NiM can be used to save and send audio messages to individuals, groups, or the entire Cartel as a whole. These messages are completely confidential, unable to be intercepted or overheard except by the intended recipient. The message does not carry any identification with it, nor can it be traced back to the sender. The sender should identify themselves in VOIS messages.

Arcane Construct Knowledge Central Integration Service (ACKCIS)Edit

In addition, a new NiM channel can interface with the Arcane Construct, who in turn can access any information stored in the Tome's library. Information would be gated according to rank, with the sensitive documents available only to higher-level Cartelites. All information that can be accessed via the NIM can be found in the following Category.