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"You are the one they call Fang-Walker, the mark of the blood is on ye. Honor to those walking with the mark of blood."

Titles are rewarded as marks of deeds, either admirable or shameful, that change the value of an individual's voting worth during Parleys and Votes of Honor.

Negative TitlesEdit

Negative TItles decrease the value of an individual's vote, hampering their ability to effect political change within Ashenfold during Parleys and Votes of Honor.

Sect Given TitlesEdit

The Spear 'Wolf-Bait' Title, -2
Earned by repeatedly breaking the Entente Tenets and faking ones trophies.
The Tome 'Lying Squab' Title, -2
Earned by repeatedly faking infromation and breaking the Entente Tenets.
The Crown 'Blind One' Title, -2
Earned by repeatedly ignoring other agents when they need help and leaving multiple loose ends.

Master Given TitlesEdit



Council Given TItlesEdit

Honorless - 4

Earned by a member who has killed a person without permission, has insulted a Master or Legate repeatedly or has caused constant minor offenses against Entente. The Title is given to the individual upon a majority vote of the Council of Five Masters.

Shadow Given TitlesEdit


- # equal to Tier #

Earned by a member who has broken the Code of Entente and is caught with hard evidence by the Shadow.