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The Cartel conduct's business along two general fronts, the legitimate and the illegitimate. The resources gathered from either side provide for the capital needed to fund future Cartel operations. At the same time often the Cartel's most shady dealings are used to fund the creation of legal work. Overall all illegal activity is controlled and monitored via secondary means with as much evidence of the Cartel's involvement being purged after the deal.

Those that break the code of silence demanded from dealing directly with the Cartel are often watched and tailed extensively before being approved for business. If they ever do betray the trust of the Cartel their lives are lost to history as any other who get's in the way of the Cartel's desire for wealth and power.

"Dracen is so much fun, selling sparkly! Gotta love dealing to them chumps on the docks as they always come crawling back!"
~ Cartel Drug Dealer in Lion's Arch

The illegal trade of narcotics for the Cartel began with the Jade Ring Triad whose historical trade with the Am Fah . After Usoku's rise in 1219 AE cut off any trade the early Triad Families could muster they had to turn to foreigners in the slowly rebuilding city to reassert themselves as a narcotics syndicate. Future deals which opened up routes with the Hylek, Elonians eventually led to the creation of new drugs and the foundation of a stronger Narcotics Racket.

When the Jade Ring Triad was consumed by the Cartel around 1230 AE, the already existing Blackbane Company of the Coin sized the Triad's labs and turned the Racket into a purely Coin enterprise. With the rise of the Silverthorn and the fall of the Blackbane, narcotics reached an expanded state of output and sales. With several new drugs entering the market and with newer means of smuggling the goods into areas with tighter security.

What Cartelites Simply Call Sparkly Edit

For the Criminals and users of the Cartel, the usage of drugs is often called "Dracing" with user being called "Riders" and the actual product known simply as "Sparkly". All of these words derive from the Ashenfold Cant known as Ashic. Each drug in the Cartel's employ has a general affect and sometimes an addiction tied to it, and then often has secondary effects depending upon the race of the user in question.

Mehkuunah SupplementsEdit

Mehkuunah was a plant rare to the lands of Elona and was said to produce mild hallucinogenic effects. Before the rise of Palawa joke several plants were carefully smuggled out of the country by several members of the Qaijur family. Under an agreement with a horticultural Krewe from Rata Sum the plants recultivated and over time grown in secretive crops hidden in the lands of the Asura. In the modern times Mehkuunah comes in several different variants from Cartel Dealers and often is sold cheaply while also being used in other supplements such as tablets (for a quicker stronger high), hash (to smoke) and laced in other smokable items such as cigars. The strain of plant grown by Cartel supplies is comes in a strong variant known as Black Vabbian while the alternate more hallucinogenic inducing strain is simply called Palawa's Vision.

Direct Effects The direct affects of the Mehkuunah strains growing by the Cartel are a short strong high which usually creates a sense of euphoria. The more hallucinogenic aspects of Palawa's Eyes are often used in drinks and cigars for the buyer seeking a bit of relaxation. Prolonged use of either can result in slowed motor function. The effects of Palwa's eye usually last for about an hour where as Black Vabbian usually lasts for only half that much.

Violet Snuff Edit

It was during the interim takeover of the Jade Ring Triad that the first batch of Snuff was created. Made from a mixture of Hylek bought chemicals and highly condensed Mehkuunah extract, the snuff proved a highly addictive and expensive chemical to produce. Usage of the drug oftne results in a quick condensed high followed by a sense of increased sensitivity, heightened senses and strength. Tolerance to the effects builds up after multiple uses and results generally in a sense of addiction.

Direct ​Effects Violet Snuff when taken creates an automatic high and rush of feelings. The side effects of over usage include degradation of the nose and nasal passages. The high of the Snuff can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour depending on how many grams one ingests.

Gaze FlowerEdit

A flower discovered by a Sylvari in the Caledon forest, Gaze Flower was considered a simple pretty plant till someone accidentally ate a seed and discovered the continued euphoric feeling the plant created. After experimenting with the plant it was discovered that the seeds of the flower could be refined into a powerful milk like sap. Sold as a painkiller throughout parts of for many years by Sylvari merchants, it was not until members of the Krytan nobility began to purchase the drug in large quantities that criminal elements saw a possibility for the chemical as a narcotic. Gaze flower soon spread in secretive huts and dens across Tyria often under the usage of the more criminal elements of Sylvari society. The sap of the Gaze Flower is often simply called Gaze with the refined substance known as Pitch (another drug related to Gaze).

Direct Effects Users of Gaze tend to feel an extended sense of pleasure and intense happiness. They lose any sense of pain and often drift along in a euphoric world of hallucination. Extended use leads to chemical addiction and black marks on the lips if the sap is drank. Smoking Gaze often produces a more refined high, but can lead to lessening of real world awareness over time. The affects of gaze usually last anywhere between forty-five minutes to two hours depending on the strength of the dose.

Pitch (Gaze Flower derivative)Edit

Pitch was first created five years prior to the Truce between the Kingdom of Kryta and the Charr High Legions. Created as an attempt to fix growing addiction among select nobility in Kryta the new drug proved even more addictive and soon spread like wilfdfire to the southern reaches of Kryta and into the Free City of Lion's Arch. Produced as a skin rub, the oil was found to be a painkiller for burn victims, but was known to leave black splotches on extensive use (heavy users often develop stains to their skin and welts). Sold on the docks by traveling gangs and used as a stimulant for helmsman, Pitch proved decent at keeping sailors awake while helping them remain alert and calm in the face of adversity. However as with the problem with Gaze, Pitch is highly addictive with withdrawals causing painful muscle spasms.

Direct Effects Pitch is created by taking the sap harvested from Gaze Flower and then boil it down into thick syrup which is then blasted with mesmeric chaos magic. The resulting oil once mixed with herbs is sweet smelling and if ingested creates a automatic sense of calm and alertness. Pitch can also induce heightened pleasure and is often used as a party drug when smoked with Mehkuunah leaves. Pitch has a strong short high lasting about forty minutes.

Veiled EyeEdit

One of the more secretive concoctions created by the Cartel, Veiled Eye is sold to selective customers and is more often than not kept as an in house chemical. Created from a mixture of alchemical injections and hallucinogenic Hylek chemicals it is often used as a means to create a suggestive state in a target individual. Often used as a means to disorient targets or to make people have problems with their memories, the substance is quite expensive and its ingredients are only known to select dealers.

Direct Effects Once ingested the subject feels a sense of drifting as their mind becomes unfocused. Soon their inhibitions begin to drop as they enter a suggestive state which usually lasts only for a short period. Taking the drug often leads to gaps in short term memory and headaches after use. The affects of Veiled Eye only last for about twenty minutes.


As the alchemy trade in Tyria evolved so did the kinds of chemicals one could produce. With the evolution of the Engineer class came further expansion in the fields of alchemy until finally someone figured out how to develop a steroid like substance that many simply call "Injections". Developed in collaboration by enterprising Asura and Charr scientists, the Injections soon proved useful in acting as a stimulant. Over time their use to increase hormone production the body increased leading some to abuse the substances as a means of partially increasing muscle mass. However, lack of prolonged use usually means a loss in strength and obvious loss in general body mass overall.

Direct Effects Once injected the chemicals found in the Injection cause growing sense of energy and strength. This only last for a few hours and generally leads to quick lessening returns.


Created by enterprising Asura in the City of Lion's Arch, Jitter is used by Krewes and other project workers as a means to stay away and keep themselves focused. Jitter was first introduced to the general population in 1321 AE on the Bloodtide Coast. Sold to sailors defending the coast against the Risen it soon made its way back to Rata Sum to be used by students of the Colleges. Jitter found as small white pills often stamped with the emblem of the maker, they often have a strange almost dappled ruby shade to them also.

Direct Effects When taken the effects of Jitter are almost completely immediate. The user feels a sense of focus and a rush of energy as they are able to spend hours awake and alert. However, the drug when taken over time results in diminishing returns and thus leads to addiction. Withdrawl from Jitter causes achness, irritiability and had pangs. Excessive use destroys the teeth and results in strain on the mind leading to delusion and eventually insanity.