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Player Details
Username Felmaul.8941
Timezone CST (GMT -6)
The Basics
Profession Engineer
Date of Birth
Race Sylvari
Cycle Cycle of Dawn
The Spear
Allegiance The Steel Ring
Tier Tier 1
Role Diver

Short even for sylari. Her thick, leafy, burgundy "hair" is kept tied back into a pony tail - underwater it stretches above her like kelp. The combination of her black, white-less eyes and pale, mottled skin has impressed upon more than one stranger of a walking corpse. On the contrary she's a spry dancing neriad constantly gesturing, bouncing, and gawking rather than the stiff inanimatie her appearance would otherwise belie. On land she wears thick leather coats, a pair of pistols hanging from her hips, and a functional eye-patch monocle. At home in the water she strips all of this preferring to swim in the nude whenever possible. On both land and sea she often has several pieces of jewelry and tiny bells tied to her hair which tinkle whenever she moves.


Born during the Cycle of the Dawn, Mhacha is naturally gregarious, social, and friendly to a fault. Dependent on the empathy that naturally exists between Sylvari to read another's mood, she has difficulty reading body language. This means that she misses many forms of subtlety and blind to physical intimidation. Because of this she would happily strike up a conversation with terrorized slaves frozen in fright - or the rampaging char brandishing his axe in a haze of bloodlust - with the same childlike enthusiasm.

She is drawn to the sparkling and the flashy as moth is to the flame whether it be a blinking fire bug at night, a shining stone dangling from someone's ear, or a thundering explosion lighting up the sky. The bigger, the brighter, the more irresistible. She was "born" with an innate intuition with jewelry crafting and explosives making, both of which feeds her addiction and gets her into a lot of trouble. Beware her call of "pretties" as the harbinger of certain Sylvari absconding with her latest object of obsession.

Beyond her capricious credulous curiosity there is a very serious wanderlust and desire to explore all things and experiences. It's what truly drives her. Her current level of lackadaisical loquaciousness stems more from her youth than from a lack of forethought and capability to understand.

Character BackgroundEdit


Storm Fleet - The Hunt


Diver - recovering sunken treasure from boats she "accidently dismantled". Jeweler - refining rough cut stones and miscellaneous metal found.



Early LifeEdit

Mhacha was born in the Cycle of the Dawn and by the first night she was ignoring her handlers and chasing fire bugs around the Pale Tree. They had hoped her impulsive nature and wanderlust would settle with time, but just outside her first year she left the grove. She had often gazed longingly into the sparkling waters of a nearby waterfall, and one day she had spontaneously jumped into the river riding the rapids over the edge, falling into the pools below, and allowing herself to be carried away.

Days later she was dumped into the bay and soon had her first exposure to another race when she was unceremoniously scooped out of the water in a net of a trolling fishing cog. Mhacha was emaciated having eaten so little during her time in the river, but euphoric. The fishermen had initially taken her surprise as a good omen, but once nourished she quickly wore out her welcome with her incessant questioning and bottomless reserves of energy. They had all but celebrated by the time they were able to sell her off to a passing asura skiff.

The asura found Mhacha as interesting as she found them and cheerfully accommodated her curiosity. Not only did they now have unfettered access to one of the Sylvari, but it also gave them ample opportunity to display their "obvious superior intellect" often answering her questions mockingly - which went completely over her head. She spent nearly a year on the, Racing Albatross, learning to make simple tools and assist in other tasks any of the asura felt beneath them. At ports of call she was kept in a cage bellow deck, the asura knowing they would not be able to keep their plaything should another sylvari happen to spot her. Never did she consider herself a slave or servant. The concept was beyond her.

Things came to a head when the Racing Albatross was targeted by a particularly nasty pirate and the asura crew were pressured into engaging their early prototype Multitudinous Impulse Aggregator and Discharger. This early development experiment was intended to allow a ship to combine various forces around the ship, amplifying them, and greatly increase the ship's speed. Instead the ship would launch forward skipping across the water, come to an abrupt and unnatural halt, and then start spinning about its main mast. Everything on the ship, including Mhacha in the hold below, was smashed about every time the ship would rocket forward before sitting and spinning.

After three days of "running" while the pirates gave chase, Mhacha was freed from her battered cage. For the first time in months that she had been neither locked up or on a leash and she was suddenly free to do what she had yearned for: make some "pretty" fireworks. The asura had delighted her with occasional displays of fireworks, partly in celebration for their small successes in the project and also exploit another opportunity to mock her childlike wonder as she open-mouth gazed up at the fireworks. Never would they let her play with the fine black powder, the same powder they used to power their prototype. Now freed she scrambled towards one of the open containers of "firework powder", lit a sparkler and stuck its base directly in the barrel, and then bolted up up on deck and up the main mast to watch her newly made flower bloom.

Once again Mhacha was fished out of the water, this time by a pirate going by the name Saltbelly. In short time he had her diving into the wreckage of the Racing Albatross the she, herself, had caused to recover the lost valuables. It was a task that she relished - diving into the deep waters and hunting for shiny objects. Unfortunately for the pirates they had taken the same precautions in locking her up as the asura and soon found their own ship eviscerated by an untimely explosion.

The remnants of the pirate floating along the waves was found by a patrolling privateer. This privateer had gotten wind of ol' Saltbelly hunting in these waters and came to claim him. What they found was a mass of waterlogged boards held together by fraying rope and a small pile of precious stones, equal bits of valuable and worthless shiny metal objects, and one pirate captain's log. Their silent reverie was broken when an unexpected sylvari crested the surface of the water, climbed aboard the make-shift raft and added two handfuls of pearls to her collection.

How Mhacha joined the CartelEdit

Excerpt from Pirate Captain Saltbelly's Log:

Today I finally caught up with the red-stripped ship I be chasing for the past three days. She was an odd looking ship, even for the man-rats that sailed her. The Racing Albatross they called her. The little Asura before me now claimed that the red-strip makes her faster. It's mummer talk that a silly dab of paint can make a craft go faster, but faster she was though the Spirit's themselves couldn't get me to ride that beast.
Three days ago I gave chase to what looked like a nice fat prize. Upon spotting us bearing down at her she shot off like a cannon gaining nearly losing her in the horizon and then coming to a dead stop and spin precariously around like a child's toy. Every time we would get within shouting distance she would shoot off some 500 meters and then do that nauseating spinning dance again.
I chased that wench for three days. Three days of getting sick of watching it spin only to slip out of my grasp like a greased pig. Finally on the third morning, this morning, I was awoken from a thunderclap that sounded like the roar of the great Bear herself! Up on the deck I was greeted with the still falling fragments of the Racing Albatross raining down on the sea.
A few hours later I have one asura navigator named Nogg looking like a drowned rat and one dancing house plant, a sylvari, the rat says. Little remained of my prize, just these two caught clutching on to what was left of their main mast. Being in a poor mood I placed the rat in the care of my First Mate who has a penchant for deriving pleasure from pain - my pleasure, their pain. Screamed he did while my mate worked on him. All the while the weed watched curiously, mimicking the rats cries for help and clapping in tempo of his beating. After a pathetically short length of time Nogg pointed at the plant and broke down screaming, "Stop! Don't kill me! It was her fault!"
Swinging upside down from the rope around its legs, the asura babbled endlessly about the plant chained behind him. It was impossible to make out everything the mouse squeaked, but from what I could piece together the asura experimental vessel, the Racing Albatross, bought the sea weed off of a fishing cog. The cog had caught it in one of their nets just outside the mouth of one of the many rivers in the Tarnished Coast. The asura were curious about the species and had hoped to use it for "entertainment" in the long downtime between tests. How a weed could entertain the rats I couldn't guess.
With a slight rap on his head, which sent him flailing wildly, I reminded him to get to the part where my prize was sunk by this sprout of a house plant. He gurgled something about the volatile power source that amplified the wind currents an unproven experiment to allow his ship to move unnaturally fast. The Nogg, the navigator, was up top clinging to the side of the ship along with the rest of the crew when he heard the plant below gleefully crying, "Making pretties! Making pretties!" The weed had slipped its cage after it had been smashed about the hold during the ship's many spin cycles. Once freed it must have made a beeline straight for the power source held deeper in the hold. A moment later the weed had darted above deck and sprinted up the main mast to watch the ship from above. Nogg had started up the mast after her when the ship blew.
I didn't bother trying to question the house plant. It clearly had no more faculties than the sea weed it appeared to be. Instead I hauled both of them above deck, told them to get off my ship until they bring me my prize, and then tossed them both overboard. The rat sunk like a rock where the plant floated around for a bit and then dived under. I was going over the map on deck, planning how to make up the time wasted chasing the asura, when my first mate fished the bundle of kelp back out of the river. It had a handful of glittering jewels that had to have come from my prize. Perhaps I had use for this - sylvari after all...

This log was found floating amongst the ruins of a pirate ship, along with a sylvari, by a privateer of the Storm Fleet. That was over a year ago, and the sylvari, Mhacha, has since served on the privateer ship as diver, swashbuckler, and, occasionally against a particularly onry target, sea sapper.

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

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