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Many years ago, the Wandering Asura, or the Wanderer came and devised a new philosophy for the Aekart Cartel. From his words were born the Ashenfold and from his technology, the Cartel reigned in the shadows of Tyria for years. However, as the Era of Fools proved, the Cartel had come to rely too much on its past and needed to forge a new future. Secretly, the Master of Shadow implemented a bold new technology that would replace the aging Multi-Intercommunication Matrix. On that night, communication for the organization changed forever.

Technology within the Cartel has for years been based on the creations of the wandering Asura. However, this led to a stagnation of the Cartel's ability to adapt to the oncoming changes once required by growing opposition. Over time this instance invested several members of the Cartel (including the Shadow) to invest in new ideas and reworking the dying infrastructure of the Cartel itself.

Now armed with new technologies, and aspirations to adapt further, the Cartel prepares itself for any obstacles it may face in the new Era.

The Mental Analyses Eraser or MAEEdit

Years of work in the College of Dynamics had gotten Master Squillex nothing other than low attention and even lower respectability. His work in devices dealing with the mind were almost nothing more than a fluke, and for his lack of funding he soon found himself on the streets without a lab to his name. It was not long after he hit hard times that the Asuran inventor found himself drunk in Lion's Arch raving about a device he planned to make. It was during this session that an agent of the Cartel caught wind of the initial rantings and reported the Asura's location to her superiors. It was not long afterward that Squillex found himself knocked out and waking up in a dark room facing a fairly treacherous looking Norn.

The Norn offered the Asura a set of options, build the machine he was whining about or end up in the gutter with his throat slit. It was not at all surprising then that the Asuran Inventor signed up for the job, and immediately began work on a prototype. years passed and the Treat of the High Legions and the Kingdom of Kryta was signed. Finding himself at a loss it was Squillex finally produced a working prototype of his initial designs. Strange thing is, it actually worked.

The Mind Analyses Eraser as he called it was able to target a specific length of time in a persons life or more accuracy a specific length of memory related to a set of subjects. It soon slowly became standard issue for the usage of the MAE to deal with loose ends.

The Device and How it WorksEdit

The MAE looks like a round bell shaped helmet that fits over the head of the user. A set of blinking lights and a Asuran magi-projected display sits on the right side. Once firmly placed over the head of the user a set of small prongs is pushed against their head behind each ear. Selecting the keyword for the memories to be erased, the device is then activated and sends a jolt of chaos magic into the mind to wipe out the memories in question. The actual usage of the device can be messy and although accurate it leaves a small distinctive scar behind the ear of the victim.