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Lilia Quinn
Player Details
Username Arienarius.Brekmir
Timezone UTC -5
The Basics
Profession Mesmer
Alias Lilia
Date of Birth 10
Race Sylvari
Cycle Cycle of Night
The Tome
Allegiance The Ivory Circle
Tier Rank 2
Role Medic

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As Lilia is want to say, the key to dreaming is knowing when to wake up, but she is not very good at that part. They Key to illusion is believing, if you believe so will others, that she is very good at.

When Sylvari rise from their pods nestled at the mother tree's roots they awaken from the dream and their connection with the dream is lessened, now merely an emphatic link to their brothers and sisters even the Pale Tree's voice is rarely heard again. Some few have a closer bond like the first born, for Lilia however she never really completely woke up. Everything for her is a mix of dream and reality, shadows of other's experience dance across her vision sometimes just as real as the person she is trying to talk to.

Lilia is easily distracted sometimes by things no one else can see, and would likely make a terrible eye witness at a trial for what she sees very rarely adds up to what others see. One of her favorite pastimes is to chase butterflies even if she has to make the butterflies herself.

She often times gets along better with children than adults as children have yet to give up on the fantastical and their own dreams.

There tends to be one of the teachings of the tablet that resonates more than the others with any one Sylvari for Lilia that tenent was, where life goes so does she, whether it is seeking out things others have seen before her or knowledge for knowledge's sake she is very easily convinced to go on adventures, or to try just about anything once.

Keeping Lilia on track can be very difficult, but when something does gain her full attention people have been quite amazed at what she can accomplish.

Character BackgroundEdit


Working as a Doctor for house Amal.


Medic and Doctor healer of those with owwies.


All Sylvari, well most of them not the nightmare court, though I guess they are just black sheep.

Early LifeEdit

When Lilia awoke there was no one there to greet her perhaps because she was not expected to awaken yet, or perhaps it was simply because it was deep in the night. It was more than a little bit of a surprise when she walked up to one of the wardens guarding the pods to announce her presence, but once they were aware of her she was welcomed warmly.

From the beginning there has been something not quite right about her, she was extremely intelligent but her trainers found keeping her attention focused on any one thing was nigh on impossible.

She was soon found to have an innate talent for the mesmers arts being able to create illusion of stunning complexity, as well as more than her fair share of skill at confusing, distracting and misdirecting peoples attention.

It was pure coincidence that led Lilia to her vocation in life, Lilia had been out walking in the forest she had come across a pair of wardens one of whom had been savaged by a troll, so far from help the wounded Sylvari would have certainly perished without her assistance. She was skilled enough that she was able to distract and enchant a severely wounded warden so effectively that their life threatening injuries could to be treated without the use of any other form of pain relief.

The incident also prompted her to study healing and medical skills. At the time while she could ease his pain without the other Warden to tend to his wounds, all Lilia would have managed to do was ensure him a peaceful death rather than save his life.

Once her schooling had progressed as far as it could in the grove Lilia set out to wander Tyria, wishing to see every possible different form of life in the world. She is just as happy studying the smallest flower as she is the majesty of a soaring eagle or talking with an Asura about the inner working of a Charr's digestive system.

She sometimes wonders what it is like for normal people who do not see echos of the past everywhere they look, who can be sure the person they are talking to is real and not a figment of another's dream.

Lilia had always been a little bit of a solitary soul, wandering Tyria at once alone and at the same time always accompanied by Sylvari who have traveled there before her. It was on her first trip to Lion's Arch that she met a young refugee boy names Davris Quinn. he was sitting off to the side of the crowds at the main market place simply watching the people go by. Lilia was instantly fascinated by someone who like her could seem so alone in such a crowded place. So she sat by him and they got to talking. He had lost his family and now was in Lion's Arch pretty much alone other than a much older Aunt who was always forgetting about him even being there.

Darvis taught Lilia about the human ideas of family and why they are so important, the young lad seemed quite upset that Lilia had only a first name. As it meant to him that she did not have a family of her own to be part of, so he gave her his last name and so she became Lilia Quinn possibly the first Sylvari to have a human little brother. Once a week she makes a point of joint to the arch and visiting him, making sure he and his aunt have enough coin but more importantly going on adventures together.

How Lilia Quinn joined the CartelEdit

Lilia had been wandering as was her want, late into the night following butterflies made of moon light that only she could see deep into the lanes and alley ways of Divinities Reach. When the notion took her that she would like to see the starts better, so she climbed up and over some boxes stacked at the back of what she could only assume was a tavern and up further till she made it to the roof. The view was everything she wanted so there she sat perched staring silently at the twinkling stars on a moonless night.

How long she was there she could not tell you hours, minutes perhaps a whole day, her reverie was eventually broken by the sounds of voices raised in anger as the back door of the establishment flew open and a fight spilled out into the back alley. No a fight is the wrong word for it was obvious that only one side of this disagreement was doing any of the fighting. The victim was doing nothing much more than begging, apologizing and cowering.

As she watched the scene below her unfold little did she know at the time that she had just become a lose end. Who it was, or how they managed to see her in the darkness Lilia does not know but they did and soon they came after her.
It was her ability to distract her pursuers that saved her life and the decision was made to try and recruit her as a first preference. Not to mention the agents following her soon became none to sure that she could even remember what she saw accurately enough to be too much of a danger to them, when they could keep themselves focused on her at all that is. Through their investigations they found her to be a skilled medic and to some of their detriment not an unskilled fighter. She also did not seem to be adverse to breaking laws when they got in her way of doing what she thought to be the right thing.

Lilia's good nature and desire to help people made the avenue for approach obvious, they would invite her in as a medic for a trade group, offering her all the things she seemed to want, a chance to help and to see even more of Tyria.

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

OOC Limits

  • No Permadeath
  • No maiming
  • Nothing depicting the torture or such of children and animals
  • Play along with RP Bounty on your head/my own head: Yes
  • Play an antagonist for your character or your plotline: Yes
  • Will play an NPC for your RP plotline: Yes
  • Will submit to all In-character consequences of my RP actions: Yes: Assuming limits are observed
  • Real-time RPed capture time: As appropriate no more than a real-life month