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Kregnor Stoneshield
Player Details
Username Dueldogg
Timezone GMT+2
The Basics
Profession Guardian
Alias Kreg, Don Kregnor
Date of Birth
Gender Male
Race Charr
Legion Blood Legion
Warband Stone
The Spear
Allegiance The Steel Ring
Tier Tier 3


Kregnor is Loyal and disciplined, just as every charr should be, but easily gets nervous. His attitude towards others is helpful and polite. Not racist, because unity is now as relevant as never. Never does anything without a reason. Thinks world is a better place when it's discipline and order in it, but is conservative and doesn't like changes. Always tries to find a group of allies, because he knows how things work in life - you can't stand alone. Also, Kregnor is social drinker with a good sense of humor. 

Character BackgroundEdit


The Cartel, Blood Legion and Captain Gene.


Prime Brigadier and the Voice of the Master of the Blade


No close relatives

Early LifeEdit

Kregnor Stoneshield was born in 1300AE in a small village in north of Southern Shiverpeaks, not far from the Northern Wall. No one ever knew who his parents were and how he ended up in other family. Kregnor was raised by adoptive charr parents. They lived in a small mountain camp and moved from time to time, so that mountain's predators wouldn't find them. All camp members were Gladiums, so they weren't welcome in the charr society.

After a few months, when Kregnor learned to walk, he was sent to the Blood legion's fahrar to resume his training as an ordinary charr cub. Just before he left, his adoptive parents told him, that they weren't his real parents and that his real parent were dead. But they didn't tell him how and why, so Kregnor was confused and puzzled. In the fahrar Kregnor was one of the most promising cubs in his age group. Several years later, Kregnor and a group of other charr formed a warband. It was named after their Primus warband - Stone. There Kregnor had a successful career. He experienced a lot of adventures with his warband: assaults, ambushes, roadblocks and so on. He planned battles and lead his troops in them. When Kregnor was 24, he was already promoted to the assistant of the Stone warband Legionaire. One day most of the Stone warband was assigned to a special task. They had to clear a mountain pass to Durmand Priory due to some people disappearances or killing there.

Strong blizzard was howling in the pass, but charr never abandon their tasks. The deeper they got into the pass, the more snow they found. Then they saw raw footprints in the snow leading behind a huge rock. As carefully as they could, charr moved behind the rock. And POW. It was an ambush. Everything happened in a few seconds. Horde of jotuns jumped out of the snowdrifts around the group. Smaller ones shot the surrounding charr. You could have heard arrows whispering in the wind. Then the bigger jotuns charged in what was left of the group. Kregnor got shot by an arrow to his shoulder and then he was knocked out by a huge jotun, who was probably their leader. As the big fat giant chased the leader of the Stone warband, shouting and swinging his mace above his head, Kregnor used the moment, crawled behind a rock and dug himself in a snowdrift. Few minutes later Kregnor couldn't hear anything but the wind howling outside. He was freezing. Either he had to crawl out of the snowdrift, or freeze to death. So he poked his head out of the snow and looked around. He was all alone in a narrow valley, covered in blood. But there were no bodies. Neither his friends, nor enemies. Suddenly a terrible pain cut his arm. Kregnor realized that he wasn't able to move his left arm. It was all bloody and paralyzed. Poisonous arrow was sticking in his shoulder, sucking his hot blood out of the wound to the freezing air. Then Kregnor's head got dizzy and he fell down without consciousness.

When Kregnor woke up, he was all bandaged and lying in a soft bed. He didn't know neither what happened, nor where he was. Then a nurse came out of nowhere and asked if he felt all right. Kregnor was able to speak, so he asked the nurse of what had happened. Nurse just told him that he was in Durmand Priory and if not for one norn, he would be already dead. Also, she told him, that his left arm was in an extremely bad condition and she was sure that he won't be able to fight with his left arm. So Kregnor asked nurse to call the norn, who saved him. The norn was smith from Hoelbrak, Uthan Krulmoh. He told Kregnor how he had found him lying in bloody snow and how he brought him to Durmand Priory. Due to fact, that all his body but left arm was well, Kregnor was able to move. So three weeks he just walked around the monastery and talked with Uthan. Later, when the blizzard in the mountain pass has ended, Kregnor and Uthan travelled back home.

When Kregnor came back to the Black Citadel, he was greeted with a surprise, because all his warband was declared M.I.A. and he, himslef was considered dead or gone as well. It was a shock for Kregnor. All his comrades were lost. Later he started to feel sorrow and grief coming back into his head. Despite the fact that he was rewarded for his achievement and loss, he still felt lonely. He used to work out and exercise his damaged shoulder, to forget it, but it didn't help. One day, when he was thinking about his warband again and he felt something strange. Something like... Power. Mystic power. Magic. Soon Kregnor realized that it was not just one time feeling. He felt it again and again. Magic filled it with a huge power. So he started training his mental skills and chose his path, to become, as people call it, guardian.

As many charr were looking suspiciously at Kregnor for his magical skills, he decided to move to the Durmand Priory, where he had some acquaintances, who could've helped with his magical skills. There he was able to look through most of the priory's books. Monks tried to convince him that meditation is the best way to learn to control magic, but his charrish nature didn't let him to sit all the evening under the sky, so he did it his way. He concentrated best, while he was training with his mace, so he made himself something like practising yard where he spent all evenings, waving around with his mace and training his damaged arm. When he felt that he was able to control the magic in his body, he started to learn simple spells together with the monks. Months pass and Kregnor became more talented. He left the priory experienced and ready to return to the Black Citadel. However, Blood Legion's officers weren't very kind to him. They were still not sure if they could count on him in the battlefield, so they decided that it would be best to give him a desk job until he proves his worth. Again. So, because of his experience, Kregnor was assigned as a tactician for small missions.

How Kregnor Stoneshield joined the CartelEdit

Kregnor’s father was the first charr to reach something more than soldier’s rank. Cartel knew that there was talent in his blood, so after he died, they followed Kregnor’s life. Wherever Kregnor was going, someone from The Cartel was watching him, and it was pleased by the results Kregnor was showing. And as Kregnor’s life passed and his successful career seemed to be stopped after his warband’s loss, The Cartel decided to wait no more and invite Kregnor to join them.

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

OOC Limits

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  • Will play an NPC for your RP plotline: Yes
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