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Johara Qaijur
Player Details
Username Shadowedin.4730
Timezone -8 GMT
The Basics
Profession Mesmer
Alias Doxy of the Docks, Little Crow
Date of Birth
Gender Female
Race Human
Ethnicity Elonian - Vabbian / Orrian
Faith Six Gods
Patron God Lyssa
The Crown
Allegiance The Court of Rooks
Tier Tier 3
Role Artiste / Escort
“I am not a pretty girl.”

Most people always describe the eyes, but with Johara her hair is what can grab the attention of some. The color of brandy with a touch of sunstreak gold from her mother. It is curly and falls down around her neck in thick waves that frame a gentle oval face. Her eyes are chocolate brown, and seem to shift between strained wishing or feigned happiness. With a small pixie nose that set above her rosebud lips, the girl often spends hours keeping her make up done well for her profession.

Jo's build is perhaps is always on the lean side, and in some cases unhealthy. Physically she isn't the strongest, or even the fastest per say. Her cheeks don't have that slightly flesh look that many have, but they aren't hollow. Even to this day whenever she is working the girl easily forgets to eat. This leads to her eating large singular amounts of food perhaps once or twice a day. Not exactly the healthiest, she had collapsed a few times from this issue. She often wears a single gold earring in her left air that has been engraved with her mother's name.

"Someone say Fashion?"

Like Sana Amal, Johara Qaijur is a girl that has a preference for various styles of clothing. Her preferred fashion is whatever is the most interesting at the time. Often she will peruse many tailors and boutiques to find what she wants. Her actual wear can differ also depending upon the clients and the events she attends. Unlike Sana, Johara is not a lowly dock doxy, but a high class escort who has been hired by friends of her father to act as a companion for feasts and banquets. This means that she is no stranger to the higher class dress of Krytan nobility any more than common fashion of the commons.

Johara bint Firouz works as a companion for the Archer's Bath service and often plays man roles to suit the need of her clients. One day she might appear dressed in the fine dress of the ladies of the Ascalon Settlement and then suddenly don the dress of an Elonian woman. Creating alternate lives is not outside her grasp as she is often required to assume different roles as a Crimson Agent. Though she rarely does this in the same town or the same region. Often working as a lowly bar wench in Divinity's Reach only to disappear for a week and pop up working the docks in tight leather acting as a companion.

Her ability to mask herself is not that extensive and goes more into her speech, her posture and her make up. More refined facial work is done when she wishes to slide into a noble role, and when cruising as a lowly street rat it is not beyond her to muss up the hair a bit. However, her roles are not permanent except for a select few that she only uses when called upon by the Voice.


”I am nothing but a bastard.”

Morose, some could easily call her that. She was nothing more than a girl that had let her father get to her and in that way she had felt a bit of herself drift away beneath the thickened skin she had grown. Never wish to for more than some respite from the senseless misuse of her existence, Johara gladly clung to whatever morsel the Voice would give her if it mean getting away from her father.

The sick and sad truth was that her mother was a whore, and that she herself was nothing more than an expendable tool to the man known as Firouz. The abuse of her being would lead to two general sides of the woman many have called simply “Jo”. The first being her tenacious and every present chipper form which is that she uses to hide the pain that she has felt since her teens. When one is abused they do not always show it, and the truth is Johara has internalized it.

From a young age ever since her majority, the girl was used by her father to gain contracts or a friendly favor. Need something send Johara, that something could include dancing lewdly in a bar or spending hours with a drunk old man in his townhouse. The degradation she felt was not only shameful it was tortuous in a way. Of course the girl learned quick how to please and how to keep eyes on her. Even so she knows to never show her hand quickly.

Her darker side (one has put it) is tenacious, but in a deadlier way. Johara sees that only gaining the resources she needs can she truly destroy her father. That has led her become almost a chameleon of sorts. Years of assuming different roles for clients has lent her a slight advantage in reading people to the point where she has created a few identities for herself. These masks she wears proudly and without care to what others think. Escort, whore, dancer, upstanding noblewoman, she is all of them. To a point at least (she can never stay too long otherwise to draw suspicion).

Character BackgroundEdit


Bath House Girls, The Voice, the House of Qaijur (reluctantly)


Doing what her father asks of her, and what the voice asks of her


Firouz Qaijur (her father), Sana (her mother, deceased)

Early LifeEdit

"I grew up in a dank piece of shit place."

Her mother was a walker of the docks and had sold herself to make ends meet. Sana was the result of Firouz Qaijur's one night stand with Sana Amal, and after the birth of the child he barely took interest. The girl that was named Johara and she grew up in what she would come to call "that piece of shit dock shack". Within a few years of living on the streets she began to learn how to pick pockets as her mother grew older. By the time she was ten she was pan handling in the Agora when she could. It was on the death of her mother around the age of twelve that he arrived back in her life, Firouz Qaijur.

How did he know? Seems the old Asura that she had seen every day watching her from the corner of the Agora had been an informant. For twelve years the little bugger had watched her grow up, even tailing her mother when Johara was still a child. Now getting older the little girl was interested to learn that she would be given the last name of Qaijur, and would be brought up as a proper young lady of a noble House. The sad truth was that was all a bunch of grawl crap. Her father saw her as nothing more than a tool, but one he had to hone before putting to use.

"Oh Daddy why do you even care?"

She was moved to a decent townhouse on the outskirts of city, with fenced off minute estate and thick curtains. Within Johara was put to work by tutors hired by her father. For long five years she was taught the etiqute of the Ladies of Kryta. How to speak; how to dress; how to recognize different families, houses or clans. Alongside her etiquette training she was trained personally by Firouz in the arts of the Mesmer. By her fifteenth year she could recite the leaders of all Five Families Greater and the lineages of the Families lesser. By her sixteenth year Firouz began peddling his daughter out as a means of entertainment for the lordlings of the other families.

Being pimped by your father is not something someone should ever go through. There were times where Johara would wake up after a alcohol filled night and simply try to rub her skin raw to remove the dirty feeling that filled her mind. During all of this she had started working for a local outlet of the Archer's Bath service. Originally as a dancer, her work came to include that of a companion. It was during one late night that her work led her to discover the Qaijur's connection to various other illegal businesses across Tyria. Confronting her father that same night led to her indoctrination into the Cartel.

By her eighteenth birthday the girl had created a few identities for her work as a Crimson Agent. Over time she developed several that she could use from Lion's Arch to Divinity's Reach. Most were lower level work jobs, where as one in Divinty's Reach was actually a position that could be useful. Under the pseudonym, Nasira Amal, she created a small, but respectable following of clients among the nobility. In return she used these clients as a means to gather information and shift certain things in favor of the Voice.

At the age of twenty Johara keeps here ear to the ground with the shifting alliances that are more present in the Era of Fools. Her eyes ever vigilant for an opportunity to strike at her father.

How Johara Qaijur joined the CartelEdit

"There is a House in Lion's Arch"

Little Crow found her way into the Cartel through a mixture of mistake and in other cases pure stupid curiosity. It had happened after she had spent years under the thumb of her father. Ever since the man had found his bastard daughter he had used her as a party favor after she had reached her majority. Years of working for the Qaijur owned operation led her to eventually steal some of the records for the Archer's bath house (a local establishment that her father backed at the time). Within she found notes on several other businesses and confronted her father with it (she was 17 at the time).

In a strange perverted act the man decided to not only indoctrinate his daughter into the Cartel. Learning of the organizations existence led to her being tasked with infiltrating a rival House of her father's. After spending days impersonating a servant she was able to enter and steal the information she had tasked with retrieving. After that she entered the Voice and set her sights on destroying her father when she could.

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

OOC Limits

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