Johan D'Robert
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A tall man (as with many of his family), Johan sports a goatee that matches his rust colored hair. Often found wearing an apron and a simple red shirt, he is a solemn man. Johan has strong features with a roman nose, thin lips, and blue eyes. He is a clean man and rarely ever is found dirty, which has led some to assume that he bathes even after spending hours butchering meat in the back of his inn.


Johan is a quiet man, and he is not one to really speak up. When he lost his brother to the Purge, he didn't even blink. He internalizes all of his feelings, and in this there are some who believe he is close to exploding. It is not rare to see him expressing his annoyance through an obvious sigh, or by giving glares or glances. Direct overt displays emotion, however, are not really his thing.

As a D'Robert, he is a loyal man to the Cartel, and some say to more. Johan is a mysterious man who, somehow even though owning one the Cartel's primary establishments, and being good friends with many of the killed, he survived the Purge. When the dead were announced in his bar after that event, all he did was frown and go back to pouring ale.

Some would not think it, but Johan is a Handler, being given the job seven years after joining the organization. He sees his job as nothing more than as an extension of his existing job. To this extent, he uses proxies and secondaries to rate and search out others. When a possible individual comes along, he will arrange for them to visit the D'Robert Social Club to be given assignments.

Recruitment PreferencesEdit

  • He prefers to recruit for the Lore, the Voice and the Coin.
  • He does not generally recruit criminals with violent records.
  • He watches many for business, speaking, or information gathering skills.
  • He has been known to purchase bonded to work in his bar, to then free them (on rare occaisions).