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In the darkness of the newborn night a lone sylvari and human pass through the alleys of Lion'€™s Arch. They were tasked with a delivery and had been sworn to secrecy. Running they found the drop zone and placed a metal canister on the ground. Within was the order for the assassination of a rising Captain in the city. Paid for by his rival, the Cartel had taken the job and with the action of the couriers vow of silence, the death would take place the next day!

The Ashenfold exists in the deepest shadows of Tyria. For years it has watched quietly and played the games of power to survive. As it is a rule unto itself the Cartel abides its own laws and for these reasons abhors the idea of bowing to any government but its own. Within the Cartel, one's word is sacred, and to break ones word results in shunning, defamation and possibly death.

"Brothel's are legitimate work!"
"Now they are not!"
- An argument between two Court of Rats Members

Throughout the history of the Cartel, bickering and dissidence were common. The coming of the Reformation as forged a new sense of unity and a dislike for those that break the rules. THis has led to a higher enforcement of the Entente Tenets and making sure people obey the Rank and File.

Role and Allegiance MembershipEdit

A Role within the Cartel is the chosen job that a member decides to perform for their chosen Sect. It can also be described as a means for a Sect to define a set of skills or resources that a member brings into the Sect itself. This very wide and sometimes vague defintion can often lead to arguments, or even feuds between members of an Allegiance. However, the sad thing is the Cartel historically has done little to make things easier.

Membership Within an AllegianceEdit

Once one defines their chosen role and is indoctrinated into the Cartel, the final thing to do is to decide where they fit within the vast organization. It is the job of their Allegiance to provide stability and defintion where the role only provides duty and direction. Allegiances within themselves are a basis of who a member is, and how they interact with the greater whole of their Sect. It is often for this reason that once a member joins an Allegiance, it is very hard to remove them. The truth is the only way to truly leave an Allegiance is to Defect to another Allegiance or to another Sect.

Being Denied MembershipEdit

A core problem found within the Cartel is he simple fact that in many circumstances, an Allegiance cannot deny membership to those seeking to join it. Historically this has often resulted in clashes or even acts of the The Terms of Vendetta being enacted upon chosen individuals. The question though does make one wonder, can someone be denied or kicked out of an Allegiance? The answer is yes, via the Terms of Refusal likewise a member may regain membership through the Terms of Acceptance.

Dual or Trial MembershipEdit

One problem often inherent in the competition or even dislike between Allegiances are so called Dual or Trial members (three time membership). These members often blur the lines and can often lead to problems within the Allegiance itself. It is for this reason that such membership often requires careful decision and planning or it may result in one being expelled from their Allegiance.

If you do decide to have dual or even trial membership Allegiance within a Sect we highly suggest you review the Allegiance Lore so you are aware of possible consequences. Also be aware that if you have a Criminal and a Legal abound Roles you will firmly places yourself in the Knowing Too Much category of Legality.

For this purpose many holding dual membership often do their best to placate their chosen overseers, or often stick to their Primary role when it comes to the internal politics of the Cartel. Those who do decide to exert the duties of their multi-role open a can of worms. The possibilities for what they can accomplish are grand, but the actual consequences are quite dire.

Gaining and Losing RolesEdit

Within the Cartel there is the possibility for one to exapnd and gain skills while at the same time losing resources because of the actions they have comitted. This natural flux of the Cartel is the result of often changing politics and dynamics of the guild itself. For this reason one must often look carefully when seeking someone to teach them the ways of a role they wish to add. Outside of the chosen Primary Role (the one the member relates to the most) the secondary or even tertiary Roles are merely expansion of the member's skills.

Learning Extra RolesEdit

To gain another role is simple the actual journey itself is hard. To begin a member must contact or enter into an agreement with a person who already possess the Role they wish to learn the skills of. Through careful teaching the newly ordained "Teacher" then leads the student in what is necessary for the duties of that role. This is where things often get complicated if not messy. Every member has a different way in how they define the role and how they perform the basic duties. For this reason it is often hard, if not impossible to learn the exact same set of skills unless the possible students were all taught by the same teacher.

Losing a RoleEdit

If a member of an Allegiance is expelled because of the Terms of Refusal then they must seek (if that was their primary role) a new Allegiance to call home. If the role they were expelled for was not their primary role then they simply have lost a set of duties, and not necessarily the skills related to the role.