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Throughout the Cartel's history, there have been those that have inacted great change to accomplish a goal. Many of these changes have caused harm to some, or in some cases the eventual death of many. Other changes brought about an end to an era of stagnation, or in some cases created a new order within the Cartel itself.

The Wandering AsuraEdit


The Wandering Asura

He was a prodigy in his college, and a patient learner to his master. Economically minded, and bent on invention, he was simply called the Wandering Asura. In the year 1113 AE the Aekart Cartel began to fail in several of its own rackets leading to it losing ground to rivals across Kryta. At one point they encountered the young Asura, and over time built a rapport with him. After several months of discussion the Asura would come to set about, along with key members of the Five families, the reorganization of the entire Cartel. Setting down the very foundations that would become the Sects, the Ashen Word, and the ideology of the Ashenfold itself the new Cartel would prove more fruitful then the last, yet at the same time would keep what the Aekart Cartel had done best: survive.

Years with the Cartel would lead the Wandering Asura to invent many items that it still uses today. After several years he left the Cartel and was said to have disappeared somewhere in the Caledon Forest.

Aekart, the FounderEdit

In a small village outside the walls of the holy city of Arah, a boy would be born. Growing up in the walls where the god once walked he was trained in math and the arts of mesmer at a young age. Developing an aptitude for economics, the young man would leave his home and travel north to find more than just the temple filled homeland of Orr he was born too. Eventually after years of travel, and visiting lands from Kryta to the Shiverpeaks, the man who would be named Aekart arrived in the city of Rin. There after apprenticing for several years under the unforgiving eye of a man named Driscoll Orik, the young merchant courted his master's daughter to begin a family of his own.

To the Cartel, Aekart is the the true embodiment of what it means to survive and prosper in a world you do not know. Leaving his homeland, Aekart learned many things in his travels and applied to this to his new life. Building a business that would eventually rival his former master and would set his descendants onto for one of the largest mercantile ventures in modern Tyria.

The First Shadow Edit

During the Era of bosses, the Five Families maintained their own guard details outside of the Blade sect. Each family had its own vanguard loyal solely to them which were made up of servants, hired mercenaries, and even family members. As the Era of bosses began to cause a stagnation in Cartel, a member of the Aekart bodyguard was said to have organized a meeting among the various guard details. Over time and during long hours of discussion, it was decided that a new Era had to begin. After striking a deal in secret with the Five Masters of the Cartel advisory council, the former guards turned on their own employers in a moment of ultimate betrayal. Zealously, the First Shadow led the onslaught and declared the foundation of a new Era; an Era where the words would be upheld at all costs.

From that moment on the Shadow was formed and the Era of Masters began.

Driscoll the QuickEdit

Originally named Discroll Orik, the Thief who would gain the title the Quick was born in the Season of the Zephyr in 1220 AE. Driscoll would spend most of his time in the family's home or out in the streets training his hand as a Thief among the fortified houses of Ebonhawke. Not long after attaining majority he was indoctrinated into the Cartel after proving his skill in thieving while doing tasks for a handler in Lion's Arch. Discoll would grow up in a time when the Era of Bosses came to an end and the Era of Masters was just beginning. During his time with the Cartel, Driscoll would rise through the ranks of the Coin and eventually become the right hand of the reigning Master. At that time he would steal and relocate several important artifacts from the time of the Wandering Asura. Even after being found out Driscoll never told where he put the items proclaiming the right of the families to take back what was theirs. He was executed at the age of 25 for insubordination and betrayal of the Cartel.

Even to this day Driscoll the Quick is admired for his ability to steal and broker hot items with the best of him. Others revile him for his supposed betrayal of the Cartel and even more still search for the lost items that he "misplaced".

Obscure Figures of HistoryEdit

These are the figures of History revealed in small notes and who had little impact on the Cartel as a whole.

Master Skekk of the Lore (1283 AE - 1288 AE)Edit

A short dark skinned Asura that took power after Selgar's Folly. He reigned over the Lore for five years and brought stability after the destruction rent upon after Selgar's fated rule as Lord Speaker. Skekk was known for his collegiate acumen and his ability to keep control of the Inquisition reigning with a strong council of Legates called the Triad. Skekk retired to the rule of Legate of the Watchers and was killed in the mists while on an expedition.

Master Cyrus Rakingclaw of the Blade (1317 AE - 1318 AE)Edit

Cyrus was a Charr that held honor and loyalty to be of the uptmost importance. During his short reign as master, the Blade saw victory after victory. His growing power brought also a growing sense of paranoia. As the successor to Master Cato the Strong who died during the purge, Cyrus was a unsettled charr. His last main act was to turn his most loyal followers into an elite military unit known as Cyrus' Redcloaks (membership marked by a red cape). The Redcloaks fought long and hard against Cartel enemies, but were lost along with the Master in a mysterious battle in the Far Shiverpeaks in late Season of the Colossus in 1318 AE.