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Gunfire lit the night as two figures faced off on the rooftops of the Ossan quarter. Both were armed to the teeth as a duel of mesmerism exploded in the night air of the Reach. Meanwhile soldiers bearing the mark of the crow and others of un-named forces attacked holdings across Tyria. Members of the Five Families were put to the sword as Vendetta was enacted. Over time the forces behind the night which came to be called “the Aekart Fall”, would eventually strike a deal in the dark. With the Families now unseated and their members cast to the winds, the Trust was formed.

Within the Cartel exist the power seeking factions known as Societies. Aside from the Sects which provide the basic governmental frame work, the Societies can be considered political lobbies or parties. The power of the Society is based solely on those who support and align with them provide them the basis to make power plays within the guild as a whole. With the rise of the Societies and the end of the Five Families in the Aekart Fall, a new basis of power was formed. To keep order among the growing Societies, the Shadow struck a deal with the nascent power brokers.

In secret the Master of Shadow agreed to set up a shadow council, a secondary ruling body to allow the Societies to exist within reason on even ground, this was the seventh cabal sect, the Trust.
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Governance of the TrustEdit

There is no master of the Trust, instead the Trust itself exists as a sort of association to provide a sense of organization for the power of the Societies. Where as the Masters control their Sects, the Trust controls the Societies. At the top of the Trust sit the Three Great Societies who hold sway over the rest. It is the these three Bosses who often decide and pressure the selection of candidates for the seat of Grandmaster. It is they who must answer to the Council of Masters if the Trust gets out of Control. Below the Great Societies are the Societies Lesser, each ran by their own Boss who usually wishes to gain the seats above them.

The Trust as a Sect has it’s decision made by whoever of the Great Societies holds the most influence on the Council or holds the favor of the ruling Grandmaster.