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Glitra Bratrsdottir
Player Details
Username PeriasGift.4680
Timezone GMT -6
The Basics
Profession Elementalist
Alias None
Date of Birth
Gender Female
Race Norn
Spirit Raven
Homestead Hoelbrak
The Tome
Allegiance The Obsidian Circle
Tier Tier 3
Role Inquisitor
Glitra is a tall pale norn with a softer figure and not much muscle mass compared to most norn. She has pale eyes and light blonde hair that reaches to the base of her spine when up in a ponytail, which it almost always is. Her tattoos are white diamonds that splay across her stomach, ankles, and the left side of her face. They're also in an owl-like pattern on her back with feathers reaching to her shoulders and her lower back. She also has black tattoos around her eyes giving them a startling look. Her features are fairly slight; she has prominent high cheekbones and slightly sunken cheeks.


Glitra is rather daunting and off-putting at first, unless you're offering her ale. She tends to be condescending to people and often points out their faults, or things she thinks are faults, including uncleanliness and armor that isn't her definition of beautiful. She enjoys to complain about things, including her current roommates who are both rangers and both rather messy. Despite all of this she really does care for the few people close to her but she hasn't learned how to give people gentle nudges in the right direction rather than flat-out telling them they're wrong.

Glitra has never really liked the brutish nature of men and is distrusting of them at first. It doesn't help that most men she talks to end up making advances, and when she explains her situation with Lorelei they often respond with comments like "You just haven't found a good enough man to make a woman out of you!" This is usually followed quickly by a smack across the temples with the hilt of one of her daggers.

Character BackgroundEdit


Front of Owl tattoos


The Lore, her partner Lorelei, and her brother Gotir


Her obligations as a member of the Controller alliance


Glitra has a brother named Gotir who she used to live with until she moved to Divinity's Reach. She is also very committed to her lover Lorelei and considers her family. She never knew her mother and her father, Bratr, was killed by an Aataxe.

Early LifeEdit

Childhood Glitra was raised in a fairly typical fashion. She was born in Hoelbrak and grew up there. She spent most of her younger days playing in the Wayfarer Foothills or goofing off in the Main Lodge. She discovered her talent for elemental abilities when she was the age of eight and was attacked by an angry ram. She was able to fend off its attacks with a fireball and ever since then she has been honing her talent.

Aataxe When she was the age of 13 her father decided to fight a creature he had heard of from a human in the Bear lodge: an underworld creature called an Aataxe. He set off to do so and told Gotir, then 18, to take care of Glitra in his absence. His sword and shield were returned a month later by a traveling asura who said that the remains were "too grisly to transport." Glitra was devastated, but proud that her father could die in a blaze of glory. She wears his name proudly.

Hoelbrak Glitra has always had an eye for style, and when she was 15 she started working as a tailor's assistant for a Norn named Sigriour Sunstitcher and was captivated by the trade. She excelled and soon started making her own designs and working out of the same shop as her leatherworking brother.

Lorelei and Agrimony Glitra had always known that men weren't for her. She had never liked them all that much, but had never imagined someone like Lorelei. Lorelei, a tan slightly brutish Norn ranger came into the shop one day to request a set of armor and immediately decided Glitra was going to be her new prey. Several months of courting later the two were living together. Though the two are very opposite, Lorelei loves to travel to undiscovered places while Glitra is content to stay on the beaten path, they are inseparable and completely devoted to each other. After a young sylvari named Agrimony became a member of the Cartel under Gotir and Glitra's initiation she started living with them. Between Lorelei, Agrimony, and their pets, Gotir and Glitra decided their small house was too crowded. Glitra, Lorelei, and Agrimony decided to set up a workshop in Divinity's Reach and moved there immediately. Glitra is currently looking for an adequate place to work.


Back of Owl tattoos

Devotion After Glitra fully joined the Cartel, she opted for a position as a Questioner, though she didn't know at first what it entailed. She was introduced to the darker side of the Cartel, a side her brother had never known. Though this was daunting at first, Glitra was amazed by the loyalty of the other members in her allegiance, and was determined to emulate their actions. She followed her superiors' orders, no matter what the marks given to her said (or screamed) in protest. She saw them as inferior creatures that had wronged or crossed the organization she had pledged devotion to, and therefore were deserving of any punishment the superiors deemed necessary. Though she doesn't get pleasure in the acts themselves, since often they are violent, she does her work diligently because of her commitment and because of a sense of loyalty to the Cartel that began when her brother first started telling her about the organization.

Currently At present, Glitra lives around Divinity's Reach with Lorelei and Agrimony, though spends much time in Lion's Arch or following the orders of her superiors and doing her duty to her sect and allegiance. She prefers to keep her life at home and her life in the Lore very separate, and does not discuss her activities in the Lore to either Agrimony or Lorelei.

How Glitra Bratrsdottir joined the CartelEdit

Glitra's father, Bratr, was a member of the Cartel and told his son Gotir about the organization soon before he died. When Glitra reached the same age, 24, Gotir took her to where their father died and told her to slay the same beast that felled him. This proved significantly difficult for Glitra since she had never faced an Aataxe before and, worse still, she had to fight in a swamp, which is the last place that she would ever want to be. Nevertheless she called upon her power over water and was able to vanquish an aataxe. Gotir then told her she had caught they eye of the Aekart family and was now under their employ.

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

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