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Gin Hotaru
Player Details
Username michikyou.9617
Timezone GMT +12/+13
The Basics
Profession Thief
Alias Silver, Gin
Date of Birth
Gender female
Race Human
Ethnicity Canthan
Faith he Six Gods
Patron God Lyssa
The Crown
Allegiance Court of Rats
Tier Tier One
Role Rat
A short human with bluntly cut silver hair. It falls and covers her ears and brushes past her eyes. It looks as if it has been cut by a dagger or a blunted knife. Her eyes seem a pale weak grey-blue but later in the evening they seem to glow in a yellow fashion. It is unkown why.

Her body seems a little undeveloped when compared to the Krytans and surviving Ascalonian peoples of the mainland. Her bust is small and often is the main reason to why she gets called younger than she is.She is often found in white, gold and silver-esk clothing but when upset will be found with blacks in her clothing.

She near often hides her silver hair which is considered important to her family. A hood or a mask often keep her face and expression hidden.


Gin Hotaru is a odd sorts for a noble. Her words are sharp and she often speaks her mind regardless of the consequences. Some would consider her rude. Her actions often speak louder than her words and when confronted with a problem she will deal with it physically rather than emotionally.

Gin can often be found with her handmaiden in Divinities reach, playing pranks on unsuspecting nobles or other citizens. She never has any illintention but her actions often get her into trouble. With the cover of a hood she keeps her identity hiddena nd often lets her handmaiden take the blame for her actions.

With her current standing and her family's honor on the line, in public she holds a different face. Respectable, quiet and submissive.

Character BackgroundEdit


House Gin Her family house, they are wealthy silk merchants who deal in Canthan Silk and Silver.

Cantha The gin family still hold much pride in their background and dont find much to disagree about when they overhear good things abotu cantha. The only idea they do not agree with is the fact that isolationism is right.


Hotaru has many duties for her family and the work she does for the Cartel. With her family she is responsible for researching the market and keeping track of 'on the field' silk and silver orders. Her father is strict with her duties and will often make sure she is keeping in line.


Her direct 'household' family are few in number although she has many cousins and half cousins.

Gin Shirogame ; father is the head of the hosuehold, responsible for the business currently. Shirogame Gin seems a stoic man with a hardend resolve.

Gin Sachiko; is her mother. A kind hearted lady who seems to understand her daughter and husband more than she lets on. She is often the voice of reason.

Early LifeEdit

Gin was not born to be the hier, that is a story that her parents hide well about her inheritance. The truth is much more painful to hear. Gin was born with another shortly follwoing her. She wailed as any babe did but as her brother followed he was quiet and took a moment to scream alongside his sister. Twins. Both born with white-silver hair.

Kenta would be his name, and Hotaru hers. But their names were sacred and even amoung staff they were only referred to as 'the young miss' or 'the young master'. It was a secret that only her parents knew for now.

As they grew together is was obvious that her brother was weak. When Hotaru was racing after her hand maiden and throwing mud at her other servants, Kenta was idly sitting under a tree, dozing. He didnt speak until a year after Hotaru and most just confused him as shy. It was more than that. His pace was slow. Servants had to walk him to and from sections of the estate and when he was 4. Hotaru teased him.

It was when Hotaru was 4 that she began to be cruel to her own brother. 'He is just doing it for show. Gin children cannot be so selfish and weak!' she told herself. Every time Kenta paced behind her she would turn, give a 'hmph' and continue at a brisker pace as he panted, struggling to keep up. When he refused to eat meals she would scold him and tell him ”わがままいませんよ!” (Do not be selfish) "Eat the food we have prepared, Only weakling don't finish dinner".

Within a year the stain on Kenta's body was worse than imagineable. Shortly after the twins 6th birthday he died during his sleep. Gin often does not speak of this, nor does her father but her eyes since the day have a strucken sad look to them. Gin Hotaru became the heir, and she took on extra learning and duties from that day.

Within Five years from her brothers death, Hotaru was a refined young lady. Learning business. Her hair was as silver as most of the cutlery they owned and it flowed down reaching the floor if untied. It was now when she started to be arranged with suitors, All of which left bruised or shamed in another way. She started to lash out more often. Slowly bit by bit falling apart; losing her refined appearanceover the years.

It was maintainable until she was of age to wed. The men who loved her for her beauty were treated with no politeness. It was only upon Gin slicing off her own hair after her training that she drew the last straw. Ending her fathers patience. Hair was precious to their family. An honor. In the night she ran away in hopes to find a better, more resonable life; but she was running from a grief she could not bare alone.

How Gin Hotaru joined the CartelEdit

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

OOC Limits

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