The Election of the Grandmaster occurs at the end of every season for a three week period. During this time the reigning or incumbent Grandmaster is expected to continue his or her duties, but must also decide if they desire to run again to retain their position.

Week 1: Nominating the CandidatesEdit

The first week of the Elections begins with a process of nomination. During this time OOCly a thread will be posted where candidates can nominate themselves or people can nominate someone. Once the Nominations are taken the Candidates will be asked to provide a basic description of what they can and will do as Grand Master.

Once the week is completed the next phase begins.

Week 2: Gaining BackersEdit

The second week begins with the nominees now being given the task of finding support from the Societies of the Cartel. Societies will give them not only social support, a bloc of voters, but also money they can use in their funding (In Character of course). During this week the candidates will be asked to locate a support that equals to a voting worth of ten.

Voting worth is the term for the number attached to a members vote depending upon their tier. Cartelites have a worth of two while masters have a worth if five.

Once this is gained the member is considered a full candidate and is ready for the Election itself.

New candidates may only be added if a member calls for a motion and gains support equaling to a voting worth of fifteen. The motion will then give two days after it carries to allow for the new candidates to gain the appropriate favor. This may only be called once during the second week.

Week 3: The ElectionEdit

The Election will with a short schedule debate and campaigning by the members involved. During this time as soon as the week opens the polls will be opened. In each Sect IC forum a voting thread will be posted. The voting in this regard will follow this simple format.

Blankk the Asura looked over the ballot and placed it in the box.
(Blankk Tier 2 / Votes for Candidate Blah)

Please note that if you have more than one character in the same Sect that your characters must vote as independent people (this means if they are voting for the same person have a independent reason for each one). Whoever wins the highest voting worth (like in Votes of Honor) wins the Sect. Whomever wins two Sects first becomes Grandmaster.

Please note that candidates may concede during the election if they wish to bow out of the running. In this case the officers will discuss if the Votes may be recounted depending upon the time the concession is given.