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Player Details
Username Xerintha.7589
Timezone U.S. CST (Chicago)
The Basics
Profession Thief
Alias Sherry Vinko


Date of Birth Unkonwn
Gender Female
Race Human
Ethnicity Elonian
Faith None
Patron God
The Spear
Allegiance The Jade
Tier Rank 2
Role Cutpurse
At 5'1", Cory is slight and curvy and stronger than she looks. Unsure of her age, she appears to be eighteen and has long jet black hair, very dark skin, and dark violet eyes that look out on the world with a mixture of distrust and uncertainty. She prefers dark leathers and is especially fond of royal purple. Though she is physically young, it is clear she's seen and experienced much in those years. Quick to react and slow to trust, she can be a force with which to be reckoned. Her deepest fears, however, can easily negate her skills and she puts on a bold bravado front to hide those weaknesses. The few who have gained her trust have also gained her complete loyalty and she would go to any lengths to protect and aid those few.


Cory is likable with a good sense of humor when she's relaxed enough to let it out. She's not afraid to talk to people and enjoys testing them in small ways to determine their character and awareness levels. Any day she's still breathing is considered a good day and her general outlook on life is - "It is what it is"

The girl is also very stubborn though sometimes this is to her detriment. Innately distrustful, she is quick on the defense and tends to stay out of easy reach. She has little use for nobility and can be dangerously disrespectful toward them. Due to her upbringing and the fact that she was told that Charr killed her parents, she has a strong hatred for the race and isn't afraid to show it.

She has a few quirky habits including rubbing the back of her neck and making constant checks and assessments of the areas in which she travels.

Occasionally she has bad dreams and sometimes screams in her sleep or even sleepwalks. Secretly, she dislikes hurting anyone she thinks doesn’t deserve it and absolutely refuse to hurt children. She craves acceptance, friends, love, and a real place in the world but considers these weaknesses and hides them well.

While Cory deeply desires a relationship, she is terrified of them and what they entail. Her first reaction to an obvious approach is to run (unless it's unwanted or forced, then the blades come out).

The girl doesn't imbibe very often but when she does, she prefers mead or ale. All other times she'll choose water or tea to drink and has a special fondness for anything sweet. Relaxing and looking up at the night sky are simple things she enjoys but doesn't get to do very often.

Character BackgroundEdit


Cory is part of the Union and is under the command of Wrask, the Legate of the Jade.


Employed as a cutpurse, her job entails the aquisition of marked goods and obtaining coin for the Union.


Note: Cory knows nothing of the information given below.

House Tolendran – Patriarch is Joseph Tolendran whose house had been one of the leading trading houses.

House Verstema – Joseph is married to Esmara Verstema who is the first daughter. House Verstema was a primary supplier of goods and services.

Both houses are unfailingly loyal to the Crown and their support of it and Queen Jennah’s actions and decisions help enable her to make inroads to areas she might not otherwise have access.

The marriage greatly enhanced what each family could offer. Unfortunately, that power also meant that they caused problems for certain groups in multiple areas of the world.

Eventually the actions of one of those groups in particular rocked both houses and, while they still maintain what they've always done, they no longer operate as freely as they once did. In addition, Lady Esmara has been missing for nearly 20 years and neither of the houses have shared what, if anything, they know.

Early LifeEdit

Cory's life has not been an easy one though she doesn't share much of what that was. What is known is that she was a slave trained to be an assassin by a group of vicious and ruthless mercenaries turned seperatists led by a man known as Zent. She was sent to Divinity's Reach to do a job but, after being there for some time and learning how things really were, refused to do it.

How Corylena joined the CartelEdit

Because of the unfinished job and other rebellious acts, Zent sent his best man, Dorian, to Divinity's Reach to bring her back. Dorian put a bounty of 100 gold on her head with the stipulation that she be turned in alive. Tyrin of the Union became aware of this bounty and stumbled upon her outside the Monestery in Queensdale. Due to his sheer size and strength, he subdued her and gave her a choice - Join the Cartel or be turned over for the bounty.

She wisely chose to join the Cartel.

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

OOC Limits

  • No graphical gore
  • Anything else may be discussed OOCly first.
  • Play along with RP Bounty on your head/my own head: Yes
  • Play an antagonist for your character or your plotline: Yes
  • Will play an NPC for your RP plotline: Yes
  • Will submit to all In-character consequences of my RP actions: Yes
  • Real-time RPed capture time: A week (more than that to be discussed)