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"We shall never let the Civil War come again, never shall the cancer regrow. Thus is set down the Code, and if it is not abided, we shall cleanse the sick once again."
~ Master of Shadow's Declaration after the Purge

Enforcement and Tribunals Edit

The Code covers the basics of preferred manners of dealing with feuds between two Cartelites and the punishments mete out to those that cannot understand the limitations imposed by the Shadow. Because of the secretive nature of the Sixth Sect this has led to the creation of "Tribunals". Tribunals are a collection of three Officials who are charged with hearing the case of two Cartelites and then deciding their fate. The Tribunal is often overseen by the Administrator of the Territory if a major instance of the Code being broken occurs. During this both the accused and the plaintiff are watched by members of the Shadow. No one is allowed to enact challenge or vendetta when a Tribunal is convened. Anyone breaking this prohibition faces severe punishment from the Shadow themselves.

The result of the Tribunal is ruled after a clear majority is reached. The punishment is then handed out publicly with members of the Shadow presiding as law enforcement. The severity of the crime often dictates the severity of the punishment, and can range from a reprimand to public flogging and even repossession of Chained the person may own.

The Terms of Entente Edit

The basis of Entente is broken down into what are known as the "Terms". Each Term is a section within the Code that dictates action and punishment found congruent with that Term. In this manner all punishments fit the crime and all forms of conflict find a foundation of control to prevent all out war (something which was ignored during the Cartel Civil War). The words of the First Shadow state the code:


"Vendetta may only be called when a grevious act of dishonor is committed against a Cartelite. To declare Vendetta is to declare war against the followers of the one who has dishonored said Cartelite. However, this war may not occur without the right of Challenge first being considered. If one loses the Challenge, then the Vendetta is considered null and void."
"Repeated acts of dishonor against an individual and a lack of respect for calls for Challenge lead to the second right of Vendetta. In this right the individual may in question declare feud upon the opponent. This allows for small brawls and fights between followers of both proponents. However, no death shall occur!"
"In the second right of Vendetta, if someone kills another, it is considered an unsanctioned kill and is punishable by mutilation. Multiple unsanctioned kills will result in execution."
"The third right of Vendetta may only be called if an unsanctioned kill is committed against one group by another. This act must be approved by a leading Master at the time and considered by the Council. To ignore the ruling of the Council is to invite the Shadow's Wrath."
"The un-approved kill of a target shall be noted as a Rally."
"If a Vendetta reaches an uncontrollable level it may be solved via Tribunal with the final decision ending the Vendetta and closing all future declarations related to the original reason and subsequent reasons. To disobey the ruling is to lose all favor and be placed in slavery."
"One may not kill another sentient being without proper provocation this includes breaking cover to kill someone especially if they are unarmed. When judging this term, it is best to consider if it will create a loose end which is a violation of the Terms of the Ashen Word. Only a master's direct permission may override this right, however abuse of this right will lead invoke the Shadow's Wrath."
"A kill may be considered a Rally and yet not break the terms of Rally if the combatants involved were armed and were an obvious threat to the Cartelite's life. This right shall be judge if necessary further through Tribunal or through careful consideration of the acts involved and if its actions violate the Ashen Word."