"Always be weary when your friends become nicer, and when your enemies go silent. Traitors are always abound." -Aekart the Founder

In the grand drama that is the Ashenfold Cartel, some characters and cast members stand out among the rest, while others slink into the shadows to avoid detection. Not all roles can be filled at any given time, which leads for the need of non-player characters to fill the void.

Story Non-Player Characters

Plot centric NPCs, or ranked characters, are created when there is need for direction. Story Non-Player Characters are controlled by members of the Ashenfold Lore Team. Each Story Character is more than just a simple simulacrum that is often seen in random NPCs, and generally important in some aspect of the Ashenfold's ongoing story arcs and dynamic environment.

General Non-Player Characters

Also called GNPCs, these are created as way for players to take greater control of their destiny within the Ashenfold. Unlike Story NPCs, General NPCs are open for everyone's use and their general status is open to whoever is directing them at the time. The only limitation is that the use of General NPCs must be respectful in regards to others present or others who may be using them.

This means that if someone uses a General NPC in their biography, it is not a good idea to invent new lore for this NPC as it is the public domain of the guild.

Personal Non-Player Characters

Created by a singular user for their own purposes, these NPCs are specific to a players own personal storyline and may only be controlled by them.

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