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Welcome to Ashenwiki. The Web Development team at the Ashenfold Cartel has created a Style Guide for all wiki contributors. All contributors and editors are expected to follow a strict formatting on all articles. 

Creating and Editing ArticlesEdit

Once you have added your character, NPC or Society, feel free to replace all information {surrounded by brackets} with your the appropriate information. Please make sure to keep the formatted spacing as-is. Wiki editors will go in and fix it if the formatting breaks, or they will delete your article if it utilizes excessive erroneous code. You may remove the brackets. We insist.

All templates and formatting is already in place on these generated articles. There is no need to go in and edit or add templates. It's all be done for you.

A note about H​TML Markup tagsEdit

HTML code or tags break formatting and make it more difficult to create visual formatting changes to the wiki. You might be editing your wiki page and wonder why a certain change isn't taking affect. This is generally because of erroneous HTML markup.

To avoid broken markup tags

When copying your character information over from the forum, copy and paste each individual section under the Source Editor. You may then go into the Visual Editor to format your text using the tools provided for you.
Wikia and wikis in general do not have any native markup for underline. Please do not use underlining. Wiki editors will go in and remove stray HTML markup tags, but it saves a lot of time to avoid them in the first place. We (and by We, we mean Sriin) appreciates it a lot! 
If an article has too much extraneous code, the article will be marked for deletion and you may be asked to go in and re-create the article correctly. 

Example of bad markup code

<span style="color:rgb(0,0,0);font-family:Arial,sans-serif;font-size:13.333333969116211px;line-height:20px;" >Some text here</span>

Character ArticlesEdit

You may not add additional sections to your character articles. Please do not add in anything about relationships with other players or NPCs in their own section. All information on a character article must be information that is static and unchanging. Information like their Sect, Allegience and Tier may be changable, as characters gain rank within the Ashenfold Cartel. 

All the sections, designated by a level 2 or level 3 header, are the only valid sections on an article. Non-compliance with this guideline will make your character article a candidate for deletion, and you will be asked to remake your article. 

NPC ArticlesEdit

NPC articles utilize the most open-ended template on Ashenwiki. Contributors are limited to three sections, designed by level 2 headers. These sections may be renamed as needed for the NPC, as no two NPCs are exactly alike. Please limit all information about the NPC to what is static, and will not change over the course of roleplay.

Headlines and SectionsEdit

Use the ==Heading== markup for headlines without applying any styling to it, such as ''italics'' (italics) or '''bold''' (bold.) These headlines create sections in article, as well as show up in the Table of Conents (TOC.) Applying styles to headlines will also show up in the TOC. We don't want that. 

There are several headline weights, or levels of headlines. You may not use any headline level below level 3. You may not add aditional headlines, and thus sections, to your character articles. You may not change the headline levels generated for you in your character, NPC or Society articles. 

If you wish to add sub-sections to your character articles, for instanse, under Early Life, please use the following formatting. Do not use a blockquote:

A subsection Some text.

Template TagsEdit

On the Visual Editor, there are little green 'puzzle pieces' in the edit field. Please do not edit, move or remove those puzzle pieces. They are templates and they exist to help style the wiki. These include, but are not limited to Table of Contents (TOC), infoxbox, templates and include-only templates. It's back-end stuff. One of these puzzle pieces, however, is your infobox. You may edit that one, but please do not move it.

The InfoboxEdit

To edit your the information in your info box

Hover your mouse over the green puzzle piece until you see the infobox pop up. Hit the 'edit' button at the bottom. It might be a little sticky, but keep clicking. It's an issue (we know x.x) Fight it!
At first, you will not be able to edit your infobox info via the Source Editor. You will need to input the information first via the prompt in the Visual Editor. Once you do that, you should have full access to the source code via the Source Editor. You must fill out every single line. If you do not know the answer, or it does not apply to your character or NPC, type N/A. Failure to fill out every prompt will result in a loss of markup and code that will prevent you from easily editing or filling out the information in the future. 

Example Norn Infobox Markup

{{Infobox PC Norn
|Image Filename = 
|Caption = 
| Username = 
|Timezone. Ex:GMT = 
|Class. Ex: Elementalist = 
|Nicknames, Titles = 
|DOB = 
|Gender = 
|Spirit of the Wild Ex: 
|Homestead. Ex: Hoelbrak = 
|Your Sect. Ex: The Coin = 
|Ex: Silverthorn Enterprises = 
|Sect Tier Rank. Ex: Rank 3 = 
|Sect Role. Ex: Brandsman = }}

Which, results in the following            

Ashenwiki Style Guide
The Arbiter
Player Details
Username SriinKnorei.3974
Timezone CST (-6 GMT)
The Basics
Profession Necromancer
Alias Whisperer in the North

The Spider

Date of Birth 1301 AE (speculated)
Gender Female
Race Norn
Spirit Raven
Homestead Unknown
The Tome
Allegiance The Obsidian Circle
Tier Tier 4
Role High Inquisitor

A few notes about the infobox

To specify an avatar or Society emblem in the info box, you will need to upload an image and then call the image by the filename. You may upload an image at Special:Upload. Once uploaded, please type in the name of your file. Example: niall_avatar.jpg
You can specify a place-holding filename for your avatar. Once you hit publish, you will see, in red, 250 px. Click on it and it will bring you to a spot to upload your avatar under the pre-specified filename.


Your character template comes with two pre-defined categories for quick search: Cartelites and your character race (example: Charr.) To add additional categories add a category by typing the category name into the box on the right-hand column. Categories for your characters Sect and Allegience already exist. You may begin to type in the Categories sub-section (on the right) on the article editor, and a list will drop down for you to choose from. 

Category markup typically looks like 

[[Category: Cartelites]]

You should have (and add) the following categories on your character page

  • Your Sect (example: The Tome)
  • Your Allegiance (example: The Obsidian Circle)
  • These categories should coincide with the Sect and Allegience listing on your infobox. 

Image Policy Edit

Style guide-photo options

Basic thumbnail options

Feel free to populate your wiki articles with a few screenshots or illustrations of your characters, NPCs, or Society members and gatherings. This can help beautify your wiki page, but also break up the wall of text. Please do not use NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images.

Rules for images

  • Avatar images for the infobox must be 250 pixels and squared off. This means the filesize is 250x250. 
  • Images may not excede a 250 pixel width. Wiki editors will change this if they spot images above 250 pixels. You may upload an image larger than 250 pixels in width, but the markup must look like [[File:imagename.jpg|thumb|250px|left|A Caption]]
  • Do not use copyrighted images. You may use original art commissioned for your character, or screenshots from Guild Wars 2. Photos of celebrities, or images from other forms of media will be removed. Please credit the artist when using an original piece of art.