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The Cartel Power StructureEdit

The Ashenfold Cartel operates under a Sect-structure with each Sect performing specific duties to the Cartel. Leadership within the Cartel is in part based upon the Rank or Tier. Those with higher Tiers have more power and responsibility within the organization, and are often the most entrenched in Cartel politics. Leadership within the Cartel is a dynamic between the Council of Masters (made up of the ruling Sects of The Crown, The Spear and The Tome) and the Grandmaster (an elected executive of the Cartel as a whole).

The Core TerminologyEdit

The Basics

Sect A department of the Cartel charged with overssering core services and duties for the organization. A Sect is lead by a Master. There are four Sects: The Crown, The Spear, The Tome and The Chained. 
Tier The Ranking and status structure within the Cartel. A higher Tier number imparts greater powers, rights and responsibilities. This number also indicates the number of votes an individual may use during an election. 

A job, duty or set of services performed within a Sect. Roles are accessible once a character reaches Tier 2. Characters may possess no more than two Roles at any given time. Roles may be cross-allegience, but players must be aware that dual Roles may result in conflict. 

See Interial Allegience Dynamics for more information

Allegiance A division of a Sect lead by a Legate (Tier 4.) Members of an Allegience perform specific architypal duties for the Sect.  
Handler An Official (Tier 3) of a Sect charged with recruiting and briefing recruits during their initiation to the Cartel. 
Initiation The process by with a character becomes a member of the Cartel. 

Tiers and RankEdit

Tier and Rank Quick-Reference Guide

Tier 0 An Outsider. Non-members and Mind-wiped deserters.
Tier 1 The Recruit. A newly initiated member and Sect-expelled member and slaves.
Tier 2 The Cartelite. Those whom have chosen to serve a Sect.
Tier 3 The Official. Operational officers and overseers of a Sect.
Tier 4 The Legate. A divisional commendar of an Allegiance.
Tier 5 The Master. A Sect leader, and member of the Council of Masters. 
Tier 6 The Grandmaster. Elected or appointed executive leader of the Cartel.

Pay and ResourcesEdit

With each increase in Tier from Outsider (Tier 0) to Grandmaster (Tier 6) a Cartelite gains more access to resources, better pay, and overall support than anyone who exists outside the organization. For this reason a Cartelite can call upon favors all over Tyria, where as an Outsider might flounder when leaving their home neighborhood.