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Societies and Non-Guild Organizations are the political alignments within the Cartel. Members may join a Society, support the political agenda of a Society, or refrain from participating in either. Non-Guild Organizations (NGOs) function as organizations that are in part related to the guild (such as noble Houses or prominent families) but are not strictly part of the guild as a whole. Societies have a direct poticial impact on the guild, while NGOs might not.

Example Societies
  • House Amal
  • House Vanschiver
  • The Satsui: The Court of Broken Mirrors
  • The Steel Corporation 

Rules for Non-Guild OrganizationsEdit

To create an NGO, please and use the House Profile (for noble families or human families) located in the Noble House Creation Guide or the Society Guide on the Ashenfold Cartel forums.

  • Please post a copy of the profile in Pending NGOs to be reviewed for Canonization. Please ask a Canon Officer if you have any questions.
  • We encourage you to work with Officers in creation of your NGO (if you wish it to become a Society). Once the NGO is canonized you may begin recruiting members for it.
  • To convert an NGO into a Society you will need speak with the Canon Officers and then make sure it meets the basic criteria of a Society. Please create a wiki article for your Society once it has been approved. Society websites may be requested by inquiring with a Canon Officer.

The Basic Criteria for a SocietyEdit

All Societies must have the following

  • A Name
  • A name for members of the Society
  • A Motto
  • Simple internal hierarchy
  • An agenda and stance on active guild politics.
  • Show activity or will be cleaned from the listings.

Societies must meet the following to be recognized by the Trust

  • Three active members with at least one designated as the "Boss" or leader of the Society.
  • Societies must have a grounded interest in the Cartel. This may include offering specific services related to a given Sect or Sects, and or providing framework for Sect Rackets.
  • Societies need to actively bring activity and support fo the Sects.
Example: A house may train soldiers for the Spear and provides the Vanguard of the Master.
  • Society power resides in their ability to gain favors and their influence. At the end of the day Societies still answer to the Council and the Grandmaster.
  • Society leaders must remain in contact with guild officers and clear major power plays with the Officers.