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The Sects are the core factions of the Cartel and the path that a Cartelite walks in service to the Cartel. Each Sect serves a specific purpose and focus for the Cartelite while bringing it's own strengths and weaknesses to the organization.

For more specifics about The Sects, review the Portal:The Sects.

The Crown Edit

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"Politics and Profit go hand in hand."

The Noble Sect Born from the reluctant merger of the former Voice and Coin sects, the Crown exudes profit based ambition mixed with political finesses. An uneasy union, the Sect has come to act as the Cartel's political connections and business backing while acting as the underhand at the same time. Those seeking power through either business or the political arena are often at home in the Crown. Tasked with not only acting as the Cartel's social arm in the world of Tyria, the Crown operates spy networks and employs some of the more darker tactics the Cartel uses to remove opposition. Be they noble house, or charr warband, the Crown is home to anyone seeking power and profit in the lands of Tyria. 

The Court of Rats
Debt Collecting and general thuggery. Espionage and infiltration. Creating chaos for enemies and undesirable factions. Interrogating targets and producing narcotics. Funding and controlling bandit activity. Scamming targets and fencing hot items. Loan sharking and funding black operations. Covering up and tying loose ends.
The Court of Rooks
Creating propaganda and promoting artists. Funding charitable events and legitimate business. Defending the land and investing in rebuilding projects. Advocates for the Cartel under the guises of lawful decision. Embassies to other races and racial factions. Supporting craftsman and noble factions.

The SpearEdit

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"Honor in Duty, Skill in Excellence!"

The Military Sect The Spear is the Cartels military and acquistion arm. They are the result of the combining of the formal rival Hunt and Blade sects to create a new unified force of defense and enforcement. Spears are known for their tenacity, their discipline and for their skill in simply getting things done. From wayward adventurers or storyteller to the organize squads of war fighting in the mists, the Spear is for those seeking to make a mark through their achievements or through organized warfare.

The Steel Ring
Hunting great beasts or fugitives. Mercenary contracts and adventuring. Enforcing Cartel law and fielding soldiers in battle. Industrialist advancement and arms production. Procuring and managing resources. Nautical exploration and prowess. Privateering and pirate fighting. 
The Jade Ring
Taking assassination contracts. Pirating and hijacking targets. Smuggling hot items. Robbing targets. Procuring dangerous items for clients.

The TomeEdit

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"Wisdom in Action, the Arcane in all else."

The Arcane Sect They were once known as the Lore and through pain they were forged anew. The Tome is the Cartel's research and magical. They are often tasked with keeping vast records, identifying magical threats, or even combattinng the strange and unusual. For those seeking advancement through knowledge, or simply greater understanding of the what Tyria once was, the Tome is their home. Tome is also charged with maintaining and advancing the asuran technology. Long has the Cartel relied upon the inventions of the Wanderer, yet with the coming of a new Era, the Tome seeks to advance the Cartel's fields of magic and technology on their own.

Obsidian Circle
Magical Technological Inventors and Theorists. Combating Magic and the Supernatural. Collecting strange beasts for study. Root out Spies within the Cartel. Guard Cartel records and information. Identifying and nullifying magical threats.
Ivory Circle
Actively seeking out artifact and evidence of lost knowledge or magic. Translating and teaching information to others or magic. Compiling their information for later usage in carefully crafted records. Expanding alchemical and medical knowledge.

The Chained Edit

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"Freedom is in reach, only the bond holds us."

The Under-Sect The Chained are the fogotten Fifth of the Cartel (after the mysterious Shadow) and are the bound saptients indebted to the organization. Chained include gladiators, silk-bound dancers, skilled indentured laborers and personal servants. Those seeking to tell a story of the down trodden to then rise to power or to take to the pits or the silken dens can find a home among the Chained.

Bonds of Silk
Personal Entertainment. Public Entertainment. Skill artists and vocalists. Record keeping and scribe work. Trained servants and attendants.
Bonds of Blood
Gladiators and pit fighters. Sworn bodyguards and high skilled combatants. Glory in battle and revelry in combat. Indentured craftsman and bound artisans. Trained workers and laborers. Rebellious and defiant.

The Shadow Edit

"We follow the Founder's Dream."

The Hidden Sect They are the Cartel's secret police, and the descendants of the vanguard who overthrew the last Aekart boss of bosses. After years of activity the Shadow have fallen back into the darkness to become the silent master. Few see them and only hear of them in rumor or in neatly scrawled warnings. All that is known is to invoke the shadow's wrath is to disappear one night and return the next without recollection of where one had been.

The Trust Edit

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The Cabal Sect Once there were the Five Families the founding Houses that created the original basis of the Cartel. After what would become known as the Aekart Fall, the Five Families were cast to the winds. Rising from this murderous night were the Societies, powerful new factions that rivaled the families in influence and political clout. Afraid that the Societies would unbalance the newly found peace of the reformation that had come after the Era of Fools, the Shadow struck a deal with them. Forming the Cabal Sect, or The Trust. Filled with intrigue and the center of Cartel politics, The Trust are those seeking to make a name in becoming or placing a King on the throne of the Cartel. Expanded information on Societies.

Alignment Versus Membership
Within the Cartel Societies there is a clear line between those who actually join a Society to become proponents of its political aims, and those who simply agree with it. To align with Society is the simple agreement to support its political agenda.