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Within the Cartel there are only a chosen few who are given the right to locate, recruit and initiate new members into the fold. These individuals are known as Handlers and are sanctioned by either a Legate or a Master of their chosen Sect. Handlers are selected for their ability to read people; their ability to negotiate a deal; and their skills in making sure that loose ends get tied.

How a Handler is SelectedEdit

Handlers, as stated above, are selected for their basic skills and are generally appointed by the Legate of a Cartel Allegiance. However, this is not the only method. The Master of each Sect also retains the power to decide who may act as a recruiter for their chosen Sect at any point. For this reason, Handlers are chosen not only with care, but also with strategy in mind.

Historically, Handlers have sometimes been known to use their connections to build a power-base to further themselves politically. For this reason that, in more recent times, the Handler position has become something of a privilege for those the higher-ups of a Sect, trusted to not bungle the job.

Generally, all it takes to make someone a Handler is for the Legate or the Master to declare that individual to be a Handler. They must then file the appropriate records with a Cartel Administrative Clerk so the individual may gain the benefits of their new assignment.

Perks of Being a HandlerEdit

  • The perks of being a handler are a comissioned payment for each new recruit of roughly fifty silver.
  • The ability to call upon necessary resources (with agreement from a Legate or Master) to tie up a loose end.
  • The ability to judge someone fitness to join the Cartel.


A handler must ensure that their initiates are fully informed of what they are getting themselves into and are fully responsible for their initiates until they complete their first assignment for the Cartel. Handlers are also to ensure the tying up of any loose ends resulting from any initiation they conduct.

OOC ResponsibilitiesEdit

A handler from an OOC standpoint is responsible for the following:

  • Pay attention to the incoming recruits who have recently been approved.
  • Read the bio of the recruit for whom they are conducting the initiation so a Handler has a good gist of what they can offer a recruit.
  • Contact the Recruit if you can or try your best to be available to be Contacted.
  • Assist the Recruit in setting up the Premise if you can for the Imntation.
  • Go over the basic knowledge of the Cartel a Recruit must know during Initiation:
  • Which Sect they will serve.
  • What a Role is and what Role the recruit will take. It is recommended to confirm this before the initiation.
  • The Higher Ups and Purpose of that Sect, what the other Sects are, and how to identify the those in Power.
  • How to use and to not abuse the NiM Amulet.
  • Where to get Jobs from the Union, and to whom they directly answer. Make sure their Legates and direct Officials are known.
  • The basics of the Code of Entente and the description of the Entente Tenets. This should also cover what consequences they might face for breaking the tenets.
  • The basics of Ashic and when and how to use it.

Active HandlersEdit

The Crown Handlers
Amarisa Sonata Scarlet Agent Role
Gin Hotaru Court of Rooks
Johan D'Robert (NPC) General Handler
Osi Court of Rats
The Spear Handlers
Cybrus Schuyler Steel Ring
Jona Vjargharten General Handler
Raam Azibo Steel Ring
Wrask Vernarin Jade Ring
The Tome Handlers
The Confessor Obsidian Circle
Tanqq  General Handler