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E​lections and Power Changes Power within the Cartel is gained through simple elections and accumulated votes. These elections are known as Votes of Honor, and meetings at which they take place are known as Parley. The total vote-value an individual accumulates during a Vote of Honor is known as Favor or Honor. 

The act of Parley is held in a neutral location once a seven-day notice has been given. During Parley, no violence may occur unless in defense of those present, or with the consent of the entire attending membership. Parley generally occurs once every ninety days, or one per season.

Each member has a vote worth the number of their tier. For instance, a Master (tier 5) has five votes, while a Cartelites (tier 2) has two votes. Members may also gain or lose a vote worth depending on their earned Titles

Emergency ParleyEdit

Calling for Emergency parley may only occur in the follow circumstances:

  • Two Officials or half the current Officials of a Sect agree. 
  • A Master may call emergency Parley no more than twice a month. 

When Votes of Honor May OccurEdit

The act of calling an election for power in the Cartel may only occur during the follow circumstances:

  • A Vote of Honor may be called against the current Maste iIf the two Legates of a Sect or majority Officials in both Allegiances of the Sect agree.
  • If half the Officials of a given Allegiance agree, then a Vote of Honor may be called against the current Legate of said Allegiance.
  • Votes of Honor may only be called once every fourteen days and only during emergency Parley if seven days notice is given before the event. 

Members RankingEdit

Members may rank up one another to Official when the follow circumstances occur:

  • A Cartelite may become an Official during Parley if they can gain the support of three other Cartelites or two standing Officials.
  • A member may be appointed as an Official by their Legate. 
  • An Official may be demoted by majority vote of their Allegiance, or by their Legate or Master. 

Electing the GrandmasterEdit

Grandmaster Elections shall occur at the end of a season for a period of no more than three weeks. For a more thorough explanation of the Grandmaster Election please review this article.

  • Week 1 Candidates may name themselves or be nominated by another member. Any Cartelite (Tier 2) or above may become a candidate.
  • Week 2 The Candidate Favor or Honor shall be winnowed as Candidates must find backing from enough supporters to equal a voting worth (added total of numbers equal to the characters' Tier) of ten. Those who fail to do so will be removed from the election.
  • Week 3 A debate is schedule for the Grandmaster candidates as poll opens for a the final week. Votes will be held on following the same basic rules as voting for a new Master. Members may vote once for each character showing independent consideration for each Candidate. The candidate that wins two of the three Sects wins the Election.