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The Entente: Tenets and the Code Edit

Within the Cartel, the concept of rules is considered an agreement between the higher and lower Tier members. To prevent chaos the Cartel enforces a simple set of rules known as the Entente. The basics are as follows:

Respect the secrets of the cartel as your own. Do not discuss the business of the cartel or it's traditions with outsiders, never use information gleaned from cartel business in such a way as to cause suspision. As the saying goes 'Never leave loose ends.'
Obey the commands of those placed in authority above you. The cartel is a labaryntine organisation with many complex rules of precedant and tradition, its laws are many and its operations secret. Your sucess is dependant on the careful planning of your leaders, they see the big picture that you do not.
Be precise. We are instruments of cartel policy, in this role we are sharp, we are accurate and we do not needlessly cause collateral. When executing your duties you must carefuly consider every action you take, fataly injuring someone, unless they are truly an isolated and friendless no body, will always have consequences.
Keep to the Code. Read and understand the rules that govern your new life. Sucess needs no explanation, failure allows none. Code of Entente.


Punishment for those breaking the Tenets (or the Code) is proportional to the act of infingment and determined by the Arbiter or a Tribunal. Breaking the rules may simply incur dishonor or even worse fates.

Level 1 A minor offense results in a fine which is determined by the Administrator, or brief beating by a superior.
Level 2 Major offenses result in a public beating and loss of privileges.
Level 3 Massive offenses result in expulsion from an Allegiance, and or worse, enslavement as a Chained, dependent on the crime.
Level 4 Outright betrayal or consistent breaking of the Tenets will result in the member being labeled a traitor to the Cartel. They are therefore banished and actively prohibited from accessing Cartel members or resources. Those that desert the Cartel will be hunted down and have their mind-wiped if they know too much.