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Alice Delacroix
Player Details
Username Fiel
Timezone GMT +10
The Basics
Profession Elementalist
Alias Princess

Miss Prissy Pants

Date of Birth
Gender Female
Race Human
Ethnicity Krytan
Faith Six Gods
Patron God Lyssa
The Crown
Allegiance Court of Rooks
Tier Rank 2
Role Delegate

Fair skin, green eyes, blonde hair that reaches between her shoulder blades.An oval-shaped birthmark, dark and in stark relief against the fair skin of her right shoulder blade. Only the most fashionable dresses and outfits, of course. Very short for a human, a little over five foot, Alice's skin is pale and smooth; it is obvious it has been subjected to only the finest cosmetics. Sharp, intelligent green eyes sit above high, proud cheekbones. Her face, when looked at as a whole, is on the thinner side, her slight jawline more v-shaped than heart-shaped. Her height, or rather her lack of it, is in stark contrast to the haughty, imperious look that seems to come to her face naturally. Her hair, as well-kept as her skin, falls about her shoulders in waves of silky, gossamer gold. Her build is slender, slight, mildly athletic. Despite her pale skin, it's obvious she maintains some regime of physical activity.


Alice has entitlement issues. Arrogant and supercilious, anyone below her station should do exactly as she says, and anyone who is not human is almost invariably below her station.

A family whose proud Krytan roots reach back to before the dragons, before the Searing, before the invasion of the charr-- have instilled a deep sense of pride in her, and her family name comes before all else, saving perhaps her own ego. She takes great pride in her race, also. Humans, long-sufferring and having been all but decimated by the charr, are obviously the most superior race to Alice. They have survived through numerous hardships and, though the other four races now hold a much larger majority in world affairs than they once did, Alice hopes that humans will once again rise to dominate Tyria.

These attitudes, with her pride in herself, her family and her race at the the centre, define Alice's predilections to other races. The sylvari and asura she treats much as she would most humans. Sylvari are a mystery to her, her learning on them meager, and thus she primarily witholds her judgement of them until after she meets them. Asurans, by and large, tend to be arrogant, but Alice cannot deny their keen intellect and ingenuity have far advanced society (and her repetoire of cosmetics).

Alice's view of the norn is not quite as dim as her view of the charr, though both, she believes, tend to be brutish and dull-witted. She knows enough of history to know of what she considers the norn's betrayal; the allowance of passage the norns granted the charr. Without this passage, Alice is quite sure that the charr would not hold the lands they do today. Lands that rightfully belong to the humans.
Though Alice is quite prejudiced, quite self-serving, she does have some concept of extra-filial fidelity. She is feircely loyal to her friends, even if she does not overtly seem so (or seem to admit it to herself), and will assist them in any way should the need arise.

Character BackgroundEdit


The Delacroix Trading Company, House Delacroix, Emerson family.


Assistant keeper of the books at The Delacroix Trading Company.


Father (Ranald), mother (Helena), extended family in Ebonhawke and Lion's Arch, Sworn sister (Ilyanna Emerson)

Early LifeEdit

Childhood Alice was born daughter of Leonard Delacroix, youngest scion of House Delacroix, a respected and wealthy noble house with branches in Divinity's Reach, Lion's Arch and Ebonhawke. Her true parents are unknown to her, though, as they were assaulted and slain by bandits before the end of her first year. This led the young Alice to being adopted by the current head of the family, Ranald Delacroix and his wife, Helena. As far as Alice knows, they are her true parents.

Perhaps because she was adopted, or perhaps it was merely the fact she was born into such privelage, Alice was given whatever she desired; Ranald was particularly compliant with the little girl's desires. This unabashed overindulgence gave Alice what she remembers as a happy childhood, though most members of the household staff cringe at the mention of this period and the memory of the small, lace and frill-covered Alice's unrealistic demands and tantrums.

By the age of six, Alice was receiving tutoring in manners, speech, arithmetic and several musical instruments. As she grew older, maturing (if only physically and chronologically; the world still owes her for her presence) into a young noblewoman, skilled needle-workers, historians, singers and magicians were hired to tutor her in their professions. Through all of of these years, her faithful and long-suffering servant, Rowan Eñye (who Alice insists on calling Sebastian -- all butlers should be called that), was present. Even to this day, the calm, subdued and dry man regularly watches over her at behest of her father.

Adolescence and Present Day At the age of fifteen, in addition to her lessons, Alice was expected to attend social functions with her parents. She enjoyed these functions, having people kowtow to her due to her family's status and wealth. A less exciting, though begrudgingly necessary role (Alice accepted this after several tantrums) was that of understudy to her mother in keeping the family business' books. After several months of this work, though, Helena's resolve softened, and these days it will be a hard week's work if Alice spends more than five hours in this capacity.

Wishing to broaden their daughter's horizons, Helena and Ranald regularly ask her to run errands for the company. These errands take a suspiciously long time and often end up being 'delegated' to Rowan. In the same vein, Helena has attempted to forge friendships for Alice with several of her friends' children, yet only one has really seemed to stick. This friendship is the one between Alice and Ilyanna Emerson, a young woman who Alice considers more of a sister than a friend, and looks up to her as a younger sister might an elder one (though of course, she is quick to air her displeasure).

How Alice Delacroix joined the CartelEdit

A woman of wealth and prestige, Alice received a letter penned by Osi, a recruiter for the Crown sect. Appealing to her pride with flattery, a tactic which Alice rarely can withstand, Osi offered a golden amulet to Alice along with an invitation.

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

OOC Limits

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