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Player Details
Username PeriasGift.4680
Timezone GMT -6
The Basics
Profession Ranger
Alias None
Date of Birth Scion 259, 1316
Race Sylvari
Cycle Cycle of Dawn
Luminary Aife
The Spear
Allegiance Steel Ring
Tier Tier 3
Role Huntswoman

Agrimony is tall for a female sylvari with large wide eyes and a gentle face that makes her look innocent and young. Her skin tone is a medium pale brown with a russet area blossoming from her collar bone. Her pale green eyes are slightly almond shaped and tilted up and her brow is tall, giving her complexion a very open appearance. Her hair-leaves are a darker chestnut and very short. Her nose is slight and her lips are more thin than full. When she smiles, which is often her cheeks dimple on either sides. Her brow tends to furrow when she's concentrating on something or when she's fighting a particularly strong opponent. Her ears consist of two distinct leaf plates giving them a pointed but rather inhuman appearance. She is more thin, lacks copious amounts of muscle and muscle definition and appears therefore to be more agile than strong, though she possesses enough strength to wield a broadsword fairly efficiently. When night falls, a faint amber glow illuminates parts of her limbs and the tips of the leaves that comprise her hair.


Agrimony comes off as a bit forward at first. She is open and honest, but has yet to learn the subtleties of tact and what is considered polite and impolite by the other races. She is still learning how to tell if she should keep some information to herself or share it with others. She believes that in an ideal world everyone would be able to tell everybody everything and anyone anything, but she also knows that the current world is far from ideal.

She is also perceived as rather naive and innocent, which is true in some cases but not in others. Although this was frustrating at first she is learning how to use that to her advantage. Some people don't trust her at first and claim that no one can be that friendly without having some hidden motive. She is a very fierce individual that holds fast to her ideals, no matter if others think them strange.


She tries to keep an open mind about most things, though she finds herself more wary and distrusting of the asura and more fond of the boisterous ways of the norn and the fierce charr. The mistrust of the asura stems from an incident with a golem that happened in one of her first months outside of the pod.

Agrimony desires to be self-reliant, at least to an extent. While she thinks interacting with people is important she has a fear of being in a situation she can't handle herself and not having anyone available to come to her aid. For that reason she's decided that companionship from others should always stem from a want, not a need. If she can't do something by herself it's best that she simply not do it. She also finds the concepts of romantic relationships frightening; trusting herself entirely to one single person terrifies her, and she highly doubts she'll ever reach that point in her life.

To her friends and companions, Agrimony tries to show determination and loyalty; once she sets her mind to something there is little that can be done to change it. She's also fairly stubborn in this regard, though most of the time she's able to combat any minor trouble that she inevitably wanders into.

Character BackgroundEdit


The Spear and the Union in general


Agrimony has duties to fufill within the Union and the Spear, as well as her recent job in the Cain Vanschiver Memorial Hospital. Toxa has also asked her to be his sylvari liasion for the Ministry.



Early LifeEdit

Agrimony was born in the Cycle of Dawn along with her fern mastiff with images of large snowcapped mountains and vast plains still prevalent in her mind. She was greeted by a friendly sylvari who guided her and others born at the same time through the process of adjustment. The guide also told them about the Dawn Cycle's Luminary, a firstborn named Aife, and some of her achievements in the world of Tyria. The tales of Aife were an inspiration to Agrimony, who instantly aspired to travel all over the world like Aife had.

Agrimony soon met Hanloc and Perce after her guide sent them on their way. The three instantly formed a bond out of their desire for knowledge. Perce wanted to know who he was and the Pale Tree's purpose for him, and his method of finding the answers involved talking to other sylvari and eventually joining the Wardens. Hanloc decided to study with other sylvari in the grove following more magical pursuits akin to his own mesmerism. For a while Agrimony was satisfied with living in the Grove, but she soon discovered that her thirst for knowledge had a twin named wanderlust. She longed to see the great cities that she had heard of in Aife's stories, as well as the lands between. She also wanted to explore what laid underneath the surface of the lakes, oceans and streams as many images and bits of her Dream had been underwater.


As a sylvari and a ranger, Agrimony already felt very connected to the natural world. She found that she loved to collect different plants and charm a wide verity of animals, but the biodiversity of the Grove, though great, was still limited. While hearing tales of the frigid north where boisterous towering people thrived despite the chill she began to wonder how plants and animals managed to live there despite the temperature.

When her curiosity couldn't be sated any longer through stories she packed her things and headed north. Among her belongings was her most precious treasure: a journal containing her 9 years of personal research on the species surrounding the Grove, including as much research as she could do on the Pale Tree herself.

Although Agrimony knew that Hoelbrak was a very long ways away, she decided to not take the asura gate since while on the road she could fill up her journal even more. She did run into issues when she wandered off the beaten path and found herself frequently under attack in dark areas and deep waters. Luckily, people on the road were often willing to lend her a hand or shelter her for a night if she did some chores for them.

Agrimony soon discovered that she had forgotten a very important factor: money. A journey needed financing and she found that her leaf armor that she naturally grew wouldn’t suffice in colder climates. Her innocence (and then eventually an air of innocence) got her enough clothing to suffice for most colder climates but it wasn’t durable and by the time she reached the great lodges at Hoelbrak she found herself in need of food, funds, and functional outerwear.

The norn city was a very large culture shock for the young sylvari. She was suddenly surrounded by enormities, both in people, buildings, and the large ice sculptures in the shapes of animals she had only briefly seen on the road. One of them, a sculpture of a four-footed creature with long fur, a long snout, and a stubby tail matched a juvenile of a creature she had charmed on the road. The norn around her referred to it as the “lodge of the Bear” so that’s where she went.

Within that lodge Agrimony got her first taste of mead which quickly overwhelmed her. Next thing she knew she was in an enormous bed with her things next to her and a pounding headache. A nearby norn woman, upon seeing her awake, fetched a male norn who introduced himself as Goti Bratrsson.

Goti appeared to be a fairly typical norn for the region: tall, pale, blond, bearded, and very large. He told Agrimony that he had found her passed out in the corner of the lodge and he had taken her and her things to his workshop. The female, his sister Glitra, had assisted in making sure no one disturbed her while she slept, there had been a few norn that were interested in her plant-like appearance.

Agrimony reluctantly explained that she had no money to repay them for caring for her and instead offered some of the raw materials she had collected on her journeys. These turned out to be much more valuable than she had originally thought since they were materials very rare for the areas around Hoelbrak. She also was able to explain their properties to Goti and with his skill and her knowledge they were able to make her a set of armor suitable for the climate.

Agrimony stayed with the brother and sister for a while longer than expected. Goti taught her how to work leather, and Agrimony shared with him her knowledge of plants and animals. She also became fairly proficient at hunting down certain animals when their skins were required to fill orders that Goti received, though she would much rather be observing the animals than hunting them. She also traveled to the Grove via the asura gate from time to time in order to collect some more materials and also to drop off some of her pets, like the bear, to be cared for at her home, which was growing into quite the small menagerie.

While studying under Goti she occasionally overheard mention of a “Cartel” or helped make orders for “the Cartel.” Though she knew that it would probably be rude to ask about it, her curiosity overpowered her (as it often does) and she asked Glitra about the “Cartel.” Glitra summoned her brother and together they offered her a chance to prove herself worthy enough to join the organization they were part of. She soon became an initiate in the Hunt.

Eventually she left the two norn, though her desire to make it on her own without assistance was a bit odd to the siblings. She currently travels wherever she feels like going, hunting down large rare creatures or exploring secluded and dangerous areas, though she doesn't care to venture to Orr very often.

How Agrimony joined the CartelEdit

Agrimony was introduced through Glitra Bratrsdottir and Goti Bratrsson, who were already members (her meeting them is explained in more detail below). They were willing to give her an opportunity to join the guild since her knowledge had already been an asset and she seemed both skilled and resourceful. After agreeing to undergo the Trial Agrimony prepared for her first test: hunting an alpine wolf that had been spotted around Hoelbrak and bringing back its pelt.

This proved a difficult task for Agrimony on multiple levels. First and foremost, the apline wolf had a nasty habit of biting anything that came marginally close to it. Secondly, the creature was only rampaging to defend her young who were being stolen by charr to be raised to fight in an arena. Thirdly, the creature was one she had never seen before and she feared she would not get an opportunity to observe it in the wild for a long time, if ever again.

Balancing her love of the wild with her want to be a part of some greater cause, Agrimony was able to slay the alpine wolf without loss of limb, but not without loss of tears. The challenge had left her wondering if she was cut out to be a part of a world that was cruel. She collected her trophy but stayed behind for a day longer to think upon her decision. She was reminded of scenes that she had witnessed while dreaming in the Pale Tree. Viciousness and cruelty were a part of nature. Ventari taught that all things have a right to grow, but some larger things need to
Juvenile Fern Hound 300x250 scaled cropp


kill in order to survive. Her act, though cruel, was part of her growth.

She returned to the norn siblings with a pelt and a discovery about nature, as well as a new found sense of peace and self-assurance. They welcomed her happily, but reminded her that she still had more tasks ahead of her. Glitra then took Agrimony to the shrine of the Raven, which was Glitra’s totem Spirit.

Upon reaching the shrine, Glitra told her that in order to proceed to the final trial she must answer three riddles of the Raven. The first was “I am larger than a dragon but lighter than a leaf. What am I?” After pondering, Agrimony answered correctly with “the wind.” Next, Glitra asked, “I am the part of the bird that is not in the sky. I can swim in the ocean but I will always be dry. What am I?” This took Agrimony longer, but she answered successfully with “a shadow.” Glitra then told Agrimony to sit in front of the statue of the Raven until the Raven spoke to her. Aghast, for Agrimony was sure the Raven didn’t exist and couldn’t speak to anyone, she hesitantly did as she was told.

With ravens cackling in the branches around her and norn of every size coming and going, Agrimony sat and waited for Raven to speak to her. After a time, she realized that there were already ravens speaking to her from the treetops. She told Glitra so, and Glitra informed her that she had solved the final riddle.

She returned to Glitra and Goti’s house prepared to face her final challenge. Goti informed her that her last task would be creating from scratch, without any recipe or aid, a complete set of original armor. Though she had never done so before, Agrimony was excited to carry out this task. She gathered ingredients from her usual places, hunted creatures for their skins, and purchased insignias from vendors in Hoelbrak. After many hours at the workbench she finally finished her own set of armor and donned it in triumph. Glitra and Goti welcomed her to the Ashenfold Cartel and Goti congratulated her on her superior crafting skill.

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